Sep 142018

Non-Executive Director - Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

For this post we are particularly seeking a candidate with a clinical background in an area that is relevant to our work.

The role of the Non-Executive Director is to bring fresh perspectives to the Trust Board, bringing his or her wider experience and skills acquired outside the organisation to the benefit of the thinking and output of Board decision-making. As a member of a unitary Board there is a shared and collective responsibility amongst all Board directors for the overall strategic direction and performance of the Trust. All Board members are required to challenge, scrutinise and add value to proposals brought to Board and must satisfy themselves as to the appropriateness and integrity of the information that comes to Board. Board members are also responsible for satisfying themselves that effective controls and systems are in place to ensure good governance of the Trust and the Board is accountable, through the Non-Executive Directors, to the Council of Governors

The Non-Executive Director is expected to:

  1. Contribute to the development of Trust strategy and to the establishment of challenging objectives and performance targets;
  2. Keep abreast of the changing service, policy and commercial context, both internal and external to the Trust;
  3. Monitor the performance of the Trust and its Executive team, supporting them in the effective delivery of the strategy;
  4. Be assured that the necessary resources are in place for the Trust to meet its objectives and plans;
  5. Be assured that controls and information systems are in place to provide reliable and timely information to the Board about the financial performance and standing, the quality of services provided and the clinical performance of the Trust;
  6. Chair or participate in Committees of the Board as required;
  7. Chair Appointment Committees for Medical Consultant appointments;
  8. Be assured that the Trust works within the terms of its authorisation and constitution;
  9. Provide visible leadership within the Trust along with fellow Board members, investing time in visiting operational areas and engaging with staff and service users
  10. Work closely with the Council of Governors, whose role it is to hold the Board to account through the Non Executive Directors.

Application Details

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Closing Date 24/09/2018

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