Nov 302018

Chair & Non-Executive Director Roles - Bristol City Council Commercial Enterprises

Job description

In 2015, Bristol City Council founded a number of commercial enterprises including:

  • Bristol Energy Ltd. (formerly Bristol Energy and Technology Services Supply Ltd)
  • Bristol Waste Company Ltd.
  • Bristol Holding Ltd - The parent company of both

In the Spring of 2016, the companies recruited Independent Non-Executives to the boards of the group companies to provide valuable industry expertise to the company boards. At the same time, it recruited two Independent Shareholder Advisors, to provide similar independent advice and support to the Shareholder Group – the advisory group that sits at the Bristol City Council level – to provide advice to the Mayor, in the exercise of his duties, as shareholder of the Bristol Holding Company, and its subsidiaries.

Now, as Bristol Energy and Bristol Waste, begin to chart their course as more mature businesses, out of their ‘start-up’ period, they are looking to increase board resilience and bring fresh perspectives to assist them in their next phase of commercial growth and transformation.

In addition to strengthening the existing companies’ boards, the Council is also seeking to appoint a brand new board to oversee a Housing Development/Trading Company, which is in the process of being established. The recently incorporated Goram Homes Limited aims to support the Council to build more homes, and have a greater influence over what is built and when, as well as return a profit to the Council. The possibility of a sister Housing Investment Company is also being considered.

Please click here to download an application pack and if you wish to have a confidential conversation please contact Garfield Cameron on 07885 464347 or Clare Connor on 0161 408 0703.

Closing date: Monday 10th December 2018 at 12:00.

Bristol Waste Company - 1 x NED

Bristol Waste Company is Bristol’s local recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company. They also run the two household waste recycling centres in the city and a commercial waste service offering local businesses tailored, cost effective recycling and waste solutions.

Bristol City Council established Bristol Waste in 2015, as a first step in delivering waste services in a different way and has a role in shaping the ongoing direction of the company. On the 11th August 2016, a Cabinet decision was made which agreed to grant Bristol Waste Company a contract for 10 years.

The contract was granted under a ‘teckal’ exemption to the public procurement regulations, which means that where 80% of its activities are to trade with the Council. Bristol Waste manages an integrated waste service including a number of major disposal contracts, and as well as other functions such as communications and engagement. They are committed to working in partnership with the people of Bristol to help all communities recycle more and throw away less.

The Company aims to use its 20% external trading ability, to provide commercial services to other organisations or the public, in order to generate additional income for the city.

Bristol Energy Ltd. - Chair, 1 x NED

In 2015 the Council set up Bristol Energy Ltd. which has been trading on the open market since February 2016. The company aims to help address:

  • the inequality that results in the most disadvantaged paying disproportionately more for their energy,
  • the strengthening of local communities,
  • increased environmental sustainability,
  • the generation of an additional and independent revenue stream for the Council.

Bristol City Council established Bristol Energy as part of its approach to tackling some of the cities energy challenges and offering a better deal on energy for those in fuel poverty.

Bristol Energy works closely with the Councils own Energy Services team, which since 2005, has delivered a wide programme of energy efficiency and investment initiatives, investing tens of millions of pounds in renewable energy generation and energy efficiency and meeting our 2020 corporate carbon reduction target three years early. Bristol City Council supported by Bristol Energy and is now moving forwards with innovative pilot schemes that will help build the City’s future smart energy system, (for example see the City Leap Prospectus) and are seeking long-term partners to work with on a portfolio of energy and infrastructure investment opportunities.

Bristol Energy’s impact statement:

Housing Company - Goram Homes Limited - Chair, 2/3 x NED

The Council has established a local housing development company. Recently incorporated as Goram Homes Limited

The company has just entered a set up phase and is establishing the relationships required to carry out development of new housing developments on two agreed plots of land in Bristol. It is envisaged that the company will enter into a Joint Venture arrangements with a private sector partner to develop sites for the residential housing market to assist tackling the shortage of housing in Bristol. Board directors may therefore be required to sit on one or more Joint Venture boards.

In time, there will be a business case put forwards by the council for a sister Housing Investment Company (HIC) to receive any new homes developed by the development company in the event that it is decided to hold such assets.

It is not yet decided whether this company will be governed as a single unit by the same board as Goram Homes, or whether there will be a separate set of board directors.

Housing Company Approval Report:

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