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Trustee/Governor - Enfield Carers Centre

Enfield Carers (ECC) is an established local charity keen to find a trustee with the skills, experience and commitment that will help it develop further as an organisation aiming to reach its full potential to support unpaid carers. ECC is really keen to recruit a Trustee with experience or a background in fundraising and event management and, if possible, a knowledge of digital fundraising.

What will you be doing?

ECC has just been awarded a new contract by its main commissioning local authority to provide, as the lead partner in a consortium of voluntary organisations, a range of services to Enfield's estimated 30,000 family/unpaid carers. We are therefore now keen to take forward our ambitious plans for further development. To do this the board is looking to add to its existing 5 members by finding a trustee who would be able to contribute to its general discussions and decision-making and bring a fresh perspective to identifying options for how to best implement its strategic and operational priorities,

We are not being overly prescriptive regarding the qualifications and experience looked for in this additional trustee role as there are many aspects of the board's work where it would be useful to have more input during the next phase of development. This input could therefore be around a variety of strategic, policy and operational issues including for example organisational governance, partnership working, service user engagement, seeking new funding opportunities or communication with stakeholders and making the most of social media/website resources. The person looked for would ideally be someone with a background, skills or practical experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • the trustee role and governance (preferably in the charity sector)
  • direct experience of being a family/unpaid carer
  • undertaking a senior role within an organisation
  • fundraising / events management
  • communications / social media
  • digital marketing and IT

If you have a background in any of the above fields and would like the chance to put this experience to good effect as part of undertaking the general duties of a trustee, then this role would offer a great opportunity to contribute in a very practical way to the strategic and / or operational aspects of a charity with high aspirations for its future development.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with the relevant background and experience who would be able to contribute to board discussions and decision-making regarding the organisation's future development. As outlined above, your skills and knowledge could be shared with staff in order to enhance the organisation's ability to attract increased donations and funds. Given the scope and challenges involved in the change agenda facing ECC there is an opportunity to contribute as a new trustee whether your skills and strengths are around more strategic areas of organisational development or perhaps have focused on more operational and hands-on aspects of service delivery and engagement with service users.

What difference will you make?

Unpaid carers play an often under-recognised role in supporting and supplementing the work of the statutory health and social services. By becoming a trustee at ECC and bringing your experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the board, you would be making an important contribution by helping the charity provide much needed services to local carers and enabling them to continue in their work.

ECC is at an exciting time in its development and recognises that it needs extra resources in the shape of an additional person at board level who has a willingness to put their experience, knowledge and commitment to good practical use in furthering the aims of a well-established local charity. The change agenda ahead is a challenging and varied one consisting as it does of many different components. There is therefore ample scope for such a person to make a contribution and a meaningful difference to how the charity's vision is realised and implemented, whether this be in helping the organisation to have more robust structures and policies, enabling its service users to have more of a voice about how their needs are met, or working with potential funding partners to secure additional resources.

What's in it for the volunteer?

If you're keen to put the experience and skills you have gained to good, practical use and have a commitment to making a difference by helping an established local charity continue to develop its much valued and needed services, then this trustee role offers a great opportunity to be part of a board and executive team which brings a collaborative, inclusive and friendly style of working to addressing its challenging change agenda.

The organisation is developing a new website which has the ability to use social media platforms to generate interest in the charity as well as raising funds/donations quickly.

Organisational Objectives

Enfield Carers Centre (ECC) provides advice, information and support to the estimated 30,000 unpaid/family carers (identified in the 2011 census) who either live in Enfield or care for someone who lives in the Borough. ECC provides a central point of contact for unpaid carers in the Borough and for those other organisations supporting carers.

The range of services provided by ECC includes: access to information, advice and training; help with benefits/finance/ legal issues; advocacy; carers assessments; counselling; support for young carers; group support/drop-in sessions; carers' breaks and complementary therapy sessions.

ECC's services aim to empower carers to be:

  • respected as expert care partners and have access to the integrated and personalised services they need to support them in their caring role
  • able to have a life of their own alongside their caring role.
  • supported so that they are not forced into financial hardship as a result of their caring role.
  • supported to stay mentally and physically well and treated with dignity.

Organisational Activities

To meet the priorities for improvement identified in the Joint Strategy for Carers. ECC has services in place which aim:

  • To increase the numbers of carers with formal carers assessments, who have their own support plan
  • To develop ways of ensuring that more carers are identified at an earlier stage and are better supported
  • To improve ways in which carer involvement is achieved through forums, consultation and training
  • To work with GP surgeries and local hospitals to ensure the better availability of information and support for carers
  • To increase the number of carers using the Carers Emergency Card Scheme
  • To ensure that better and more easily accessible information relevant to carers is available within Enfield
  • To provide easier and faster access to counselling services
  • To support those carers (particularly young adult carers) with opportunities for training to develop work-related and self-confidence skills
  • To work with local statutory and other voluntary organisations to co-ordinate and promote services for carers in Enfield

Before you apply

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