Oct 272019

Chair - English Cricket Board

Salary: Competitive
Location: Lord's


The Chair elect will join an ECB organisation in good shape. The recent Men’s and Women’s Ashes series have, once again, shown just how vital and vibrant Ashes and Test cricket remain. Test cricket, especially for the ECB, remains a cherished contest, which continues to produce unpredictable and thrilling cricket. July 2019 saw the Men’s ODI team (ranked #1) end their 44-year wait for a World Cup win, producing a vintage World Cup final. The Women’s game also continues to develop, having won the ICC World Cup in 2017 and with exciting plans to transform the Women’s and Girls’ cricket.

Grassroots cricket has seen good growth, being driven by new programmes such as All Stars Cricket. The material growth of the game for young people is central to the work of the Chair, Board and Executive. Grassroots cricket fundamentally underpins the health of cricket in England and Wales.


The ECB is the governing body of cricket in England and Wales. Its role is to lead and support the growth of cricket and it is unique among major UK sports bodies in being responsible for the entire game, from the recreational and grassroots to the professional game and the England teams.

Under its new strategy for 2020-24, Inspiring Generations, the ECB’s purpose is to connect communities and improve lives through cricket. Its ambition for the next period is for a generation to be inspired to say that “cricket is a game for me”. To do this, the ECB needs to promote cricket as an inclusive, diverse and modern sport that appeals to all. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of its mission.

The ECB wants cricket to create great national moments that bring people together. It supports a thriving domestic county and recreational game. The ECB want cricket to be a game which appeals to everyone and brings people and communities together, regardless of class, gender, disability, culture or background. It is creating forms of the game that are easily accessible, to deliver a gateway for new fans to enjoy the richness of the recreational game, county domestic game and of international cricket. It is also seeking to innovate and make the game modern and relevant, and to diversify its business model for a changing society.


  • Stronger As One Team – We are stronger together. We allow for individual strengths and beliefs but head in the same direction. We respect, support and really listen to each other along the way.
  • Push New Boundaries – We are bold, brave and curious. We challenge and don’t settle. We forge the future whilst remembering our roots.
  • Be The Best In The Game – On & Off The Pitch – We train hard. We strive to be our best to help the team be the best. We celebrate our victories and learn from our let downs.
  • Passion For Play – We are here to inspire & be inspired. We are serious about what we do, but don’t take ourselves seriously. We enjoy the journey and have fun.


The ECB Board of twelve is comprised of the ECB Chair, four Independent Directors, five Independent Cricket Directors, and the ECB’s CEO and CFO. The ECB is a company limited by guarantee whose operations are governed by Articles of Association of the members. The members of the ECB are the Chairs of the 18 First Class Counties, the 21 non-First Class Counties, the MCC and the National Counties Cricket Association. The Executive runs the organisation and answers to the Board. The work of both the Board and Executive is informed by the contribution of all its key stakeholders, including First and non-First Class Counties and the recreational game.

The Board is responsible for the governance, oversight, strategy and risk of the National Governing Body of Cricket and it delegates operational delivery to the Chief Executive and the management team. The Board oversees the Executive’s work, adhering to the principles of good governance and acts on a collective basis operating on the principles of responsibility, support and respect. It takes decisions after considering recommendations made to it by the ECB Executive and the subsidiary committees. The Chair will be responsible for ensuring the continuing development of the Board’s performance.

This is an appointment for up to five years; the term of office for the current Chair, Colin Graves, expires in November 2020. Due to the cricketing calendar which dictates that there are busier/quieter periods across the year, the new Chair will ideally have flexibility to commit up to two/three days per week at certain points in order to effectively execute the duties of the role.


  • Leading the Board and ensuring that it functions effectively, providing inclusive leadership to the Board during a period of change and growth for cricket in England and Wales and globally;
  • Establishing and building a strong, effective and constructive working relationship with the CEO and Executive, including supporting, mentoring and holding to account the CEO for the responsibilities delegated by the Board to the Executive;
  • Creating collaborative and trusting working relationships with the ECB’s key stakeholders, in particular with the members of the ECB being the First-Class Counties, the non-First Class Counties, the recreational game, the MCC and the NCA;
  • Overseeing the successful delivery of the Inspiring Generations strategy by the ECB and its stakeholders and guide the creation of a new strategy for post 2024;
  • Challenging and verifying the evolution of the ECB’s commercial model to adapt to the changing face of global cricket and changing broadcast, sponsorship and media markets;
  • Consistently behaving in a manner that exemplifies the values of the ECB;
  • Ensuring the Board and the ECB applies principles of good governance in all aspects of its work to ensure fair and consistent decision making;
  • Representing, when appropriate, the voice of the ECB across all media platforms, building relationships across the global game and in particular with the ICC.


  • First class chairing skills capable of governing the board of a major national governing body for sport using sound judgement and decision-making to ensure successful delivery across the organisation;
  • The ability to build strong and trusting relationships in a complex stakeholder environment, encouraging discussion;
  • An openness to be challenged and the ability to challenge assumptions and re-examine viewpoints to reach better decisions;
  • A strong business and commercial intellect and the ability to understand the changing business models of sport, to help the ECB adapt to changing market dynamics;
  • A love for the game and a broad understanding of the structures and the operation of cricket in England and Wales;
  • A strong commitment to diversity and inclusion to ensure that the ECB and cricket is representative of the modern diverse society in which it operates
  • Personal integrity and the ability to operate at the highest levels, commanding respect of key internal, domestic and international stakeholders to deliver the aims of the ECB with authority and stature;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • International and multi-cultural experience is desirable.

In doing so, the successful candidate will respect the importance of serving core cricket audiences whilst growing cricket to new audiences. This will require driving change in collaboration with the ECB’s membership.

The closing day for applications is Friday 13th December.

Be the best in the game - Stronger as one team - Push new boundaries - Passion for Play

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