Jun 072018

Non-Executive Director/Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Member - Estyn

We are recruiting for a Non-Executive Director / Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Member

Location – Meetings will ordinarily take place in Estyn’s Cardiff office.

As a member of Estyn’s Strategy Board, you will provide a fresh, external perspective to discussions as well as independent constructive challenge.

The role of the Non-Executive Director in Estyn is of an advisory nature informing the Board’s reasoning and operation, and:

  • widening the horizons of the Board in determining strategy by bringing to the Board different relevant experiences and backgrounds
  • constructively challenging the policy formulation process
  • supporting and monitoring the performance and progress of management in meeting objectives and goals
  • satisfying themselves that financial information is reliable and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust.

How to Apply

Closes: 10:00am 25 June.

About Estyn

Who we are

Estyn is the Education and Training Inspectorate for Wales. Our mission is to achieve excellence for all learners in Wales. We do this by providing independent, high-quality inspection and advice services. We inspect and report on the quality and standards in education and training provided in Wales, including:

  • how far education and training meet the needs of learners and contribute to their development and wellbeing
  • standards achieved
  • the quality of leadership and management

Estyn is independent from, but funded by, the Welsh Government.

We currently employ approximately 118 staff, comprising Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) and staff in Corporate Services.

What we do

We have a wide range of statutory inspection and reporting responsibilities, including inspection of all publicly-funded education and training across Wales.

We inspect in partnership with the education provider, with an overall focus on learners’ needs. Self-evaluation, using Estyn guidance, is a key part of providers’ quality assurance process, which identifies their strengths and areas for development. Using this information, the inspection teams report on the standards achieved by learners, the quality of the education or training provided and the quality of leadership and management.

We contribute to the development of education and training policy in Wales through our inspection work and remit reports, providing high-quality advice on themes agreed in the annual remit task from the Welsh Government. We also work with other major stakeholders through participation in policy working groups and in regular forums.

For more information about Estyn and our work visit www.estyn.gov.wales where you will find our latest Annual Plan, which details our strategic objectives and delivery principles. Our latest Annual Report and Accounts details performance against our strategic objectives and delivery principle, our accountability and financial statements (click on ‘About Us’ and select ‘Corporate publications and accounts’).

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