Jan 102019

Treasurer - Healthwatch Lambeth

Organisation: Healthwatch Lambeth
Reference: Treasurer
Vacancy Type: Treasurer
Deadline: 20th February 2019
Region: London

Vacancy Details

Member and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of Healthwatch Lambeth

Role description

Good trustees come in all shapes and sizes with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives. A strong board contains a diverse range of expertise, experience and knowledge amongst its membership.

The greatest thing you can do as a trustee is to bring your passion and commitment to advancing the aims of Healthwatch Lambeth; to make health and social care services work for everyone in Lambeth and to ensure that people have a voice in decision making in health and social care on an equal footing with others. It is also important to have some understanding of strategic and organizational development, to have good networking skills, and to be able to work collaboratively with a diverse group of people.

The overall goal of a trustee is to ensure that Healthwatch Lambeth is well run, solvent, complies with its legal responsibilities and delivers on its goals.

It is important to Healthwatch Lambeth trustees that, as a board, we represent the people we serve. Thus we want to have a balance of people with direct current experience of health or social care services in Lambeth (experts by experience) and people who have other skills related to their field of employment or training (e.g in accounting, HR, business, criminal justice, health / social care professional). With this in mind we also particularly welcome people from different walks of life, diverse ethnic backgrounds, with disabilities etc.

Although the role of Treasurer requires specific experience and qualifications it does not matter if you have not been on a Board of trustees before. You will be offered training and support and the Board as a whole is supportive and always willing to help new members.

The Board meets four times a year and Healthwatch Lambeth also holds three sub-committees that also meet four times a year. These are; Strategy, Human Resources and Finance, Risk and Assurance. Trustees are usually on one or more of these subcommittees according to their interests and expertise.

The approximate time commitment for the Treasurer role is 2-3 hours per week. Although this will largely be focused on Board meetings and reading papers in preparation for meetings, the Treasurer will also chair the Finance, Risk and Assurance subcommittee and work closely with our finance staff in the preparation of accounts and reports.

In addition Board members are asked to commit to 1 – 2 days a year for Board and strategic development sessions and 1-2 days a year for training in line with learning needs (e.g on how to be an effective trustee, financial governance for non finance trustees)

The Treasurer does not have to confine themselves to the finance and fundraising aspects and is also welcome to offer input to other areas of the organisation's work according to interest and time availability e.g.,

  • Children and young people
  • People with learning disability
  • Older people and or people with long term conditions
  • People with mental health problems especially people from black communities in Lambeth
  • Using health and, or social care in Lambeth – we want people able to contribute at Board level from their direct experience of using local services
  • HR and personnel management
  • Communications

Overall aims of the role

  • To maintain an overview of the organisation's financial affairs, ensuring it is viable and that proper financial records and procedures are kept
  • To develop and lead strategically on the financial plans of Healthwatch Lambeth so the organisation can develop and sustain its role and purpose

General financial oversight

  • To oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements
  • To liaise with designated staff about financial matters
  • To ensure that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place
  • To ensure compliance with relevant legislation e.g. Companies and Charity legislation
  • To ensure any recommendations of the auditors are implemented
  • To ensure accounts meet the conditions of contractual agreements with external agencies such as funders and statutory bodies

Financial planning and reporting

  • To present financial reports to the Board of Trustees (quarterly)
  • To present the accounts at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • To advise on the organisation's reserves policy and investment policy
  • To advise on the financial implications of the organisation's strategic and operational plans
  • To advise on the fundraising strategy of the organisation
  • To ensure that there is no conflict between any investment held and the aims and objects of the charity


  • To Chair the Finance, Risk and Assurance Committee (four times p.a)
  • To work with other trustees in the interests of the organisation
  • To sit on appraisal, recruitment and disciplinary panels as required

Knowledge, skills and experience

  • Financial control, analysis, budgeting and book keeping in small to medium organisations
  • Financial management and planning
  • Financial software systems
  • Banking and relevant rules and regulations
  • Fundraising and pension schemes (desirable)


  • Strategic thinker and leader
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willing to be contacted on an ad hoc basis
  • Able to ensure decisions are taken and followed-up
  • Good time-keeping
  • Resilient; able to lead others positively through change and growth

A little more about Healthwatch Lambeth

Healthwatch Lambeth's vision is that, in Lambeth, everyone's health and wellbeing needs are heard, understood and met. We plan to achieve this by being a trusted source of insight into people's experiences of health and social care.


  • Inclusive: we start with people first, we work for children, young people and adults, we cover all health and social care services, we tackle inequality, and work for everyone, not just those who shout the loudest.
  • Credible: we value knowledge, we seek out data and intelligence to challenge assumptions with facts, we celebrate and share good practice in health and social care, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.
  • Collaborative: we keep the debate positive and we get things done, we work in partnership with the public, health and social care sectors and the community and voluntary sector, we learn from people's experiences and from specialists and experts, we build on what is already known, and collaborate in developing and sharing new insights.
  • Respectful: we treat people with dignity and kindness, we listen actively, we value people's opinions and lived experience
  • Accountable and transparent: we are open and honest about our decision-making with the public and encourage others to do the same; we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, we seek and learn from feedback about our work to improve it in the future.


please email; catherine.pearson@healthwatchlambeth.org.uk

Advert Start Date: 8th January 2019
Contact Telephone Number: +442072748522
Contact Name: Catherine Pearson
Contact E-mail: catherine.pearson@healthwatchlambeth.org.uk
Url: http://www.healthwatchlambeth.org.uk/

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