Sep 282018

Treasurer - iDID Adventure

Organisation: iDID Adventure
Reference: NEDworks_Treasurer
Vacancy Type: Treasurer
Deadline: 22nd October 2018
Region: Nation Wide

Vacancy Details

iDID Adventure is an award-winning charitable organisation improving physical and mental health amongst marginalised young people by using adventure sports as a platform to increase positive well-being, confidence, and self-esteem.

About the opportunity?

iDID is searching for a new treasurer to join the board of trustees and help our organisation grow and increase the impact of its work. The overall role of a Treasurer is to maintain an overview of an organisation's affairs, ensuring its financial viability and ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • preparing and presenting financial reports to the board on a monthly basis, including projected cash-flow
  • keeping the board aware of its financial responsibilities
  • ensuring that the organisation's accounts are prepared in a suitable format
  • ensuring that the accounts and financial systems are audited as required by law
  • liaising with the auditors/independent examiners.
  • preparing and presenting budgets, accounts and financial statements in collaboration with staff
  • being assured that the financial resources of the organisation meet its present and future needs
  • ensuring that the organisation has an appropriate reserves policy
  • the preparation and presentation of financial reports to the board, ensuring that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place
  • advising on the financial implications of the organisation's strategic plan
  • monitoring the organisation's investment activity and ensuring its consistency with the organisation's policies and legal responsibilities
  • ensuring that there is no conflict between any investments held and the aims and objectives of the organisation
  • ensuring that the accounts are prepared in the form prescribed by the regulations
  • ensuring that the accounts are audited in the manner prescribed by regulations, and any recommendations of the auditors implemented
  • keeping the board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities
  • contributing to the fundraising strategy of the organisation
  • making a formal presentation of the accounts at the annual general meeting and drawing attention to important points in a coherent and easily understandable way

For more info and full description contact Suzi Rees

Advert Start Date: 23rd September 2018
Contact Telephone Number: 07711528681
Contact Name: Suzi Rees
Contact E-mail:

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