Jul 062018

Treasurer - Institute of Group Analysis

Organisation: Institute of Group Analysis
Reference: Honorary Treasurer IGA
Vacancy Type: Treasurer
Deadline: 31st August 2018
Region: South East


Honorary Treasurer of the Institute of Group Analysis, Member of the Board.


In addition to the general responsibilities of a trustee (see trustee role description), the Honorary Treasurer will:

  1. Chair Finance Committee Meetings and present regular reports to the Board of Trustees that include a financial risk assessment, a reserves policy and an appropriate investment policy that is consistent with the IGA's policies and legal responsibilities.
  2. Keep the Board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities.
  3. Oversee, approve and present budgets, accounts and financial statements in conjunction with the Chair of the Board, Executive Committee and the Finance Manager.
  4. Maintain an overview with the Board of Trustees of the charity's financial affairs, ensuring its financial viability. Ensure that the financial resources of the IGA meet its present and future needs.
  5. Review Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee every three years ensuring that the accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by the Charity Commission.
  6. Ensure the maintenance of proper financial records and procedures and scrutinise the annual year-end accounts by an approved external auditor.
  7. Offer strategic financial direction that is aligned with the IGA's organisation strategy.
  8. Advise on the financial implications of the IGA's strategic plan.
  9. Liaise with the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Finance Manager about payments, fees, bursaries and budgets for or affecting staff, contractors and committee members who deliver the IGA's key service functions.
  10. Ensure there is no conflict between any investments held and the aims and objects of the IGA and recommendations are implemented, and the accounts are included in the annual report.
  11. Make a formal presentation of the accounts at the AGM and draw attention to important points.
  12. To sit on the Executive Committee alongside the Chair and the Vice Chair which convenes by Skype twice monthly.


The Honorary Treasurer will normally hold office for a term of three years, with the option of standing for a further two years. A term should not exceed a total of five years in office.

The Honorary Treasurer is accountable to the Board of Trustees.


  1. Some experience of charity finance, fundraising and pension schemes.
  2. The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences.
  3. A preparedness to make unpopular recommendations to the Board.
  4. A willingness to be available to staff for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis.
  5. Understanding of the management and legal requirements of a UK registered charity.
  6. A team approach to working with the Board Chair, the Vice-Chair of the Board and the Board of Trustees.
  7. Desirable but not essential: Finance qualifications and experience.

Advert Start Date: 5th July 2018
Contact Telephone Number: 020 7431 2693
Contact Name: Lykke Leszczynski
Contact E-mail: Lykke@groupanalysis-uk.co.uk
Url www.groupanalysis.org

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