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Head of Judiciary - International Rugby League (IRL)

Location: Home based (Global)
Date Posted: 05/11/2019
Closing Date: 29/11/2019
Salary£500 per case

Job Description

The IRL Head of Judiciary (‘the Appointee’) role is a head of committee function. The Appointee, who will be independent of professional affiliation with a current IRL member, or of professional or private affiliation with any officer of the IRL or any IRL member, will be the senior judiciary officer of IRL. As a result, the Appointee will be the public face of the IRL concerning on- and off-field misconduct. The Appointee will be responsible for chairing IRL judiciary and disciplinary tribunals, protecting the sport’s integrity as well as the moral and physical wellbeing of its participants by ensuring a fair, balanced, proportionate and transparent treatment of all judicial matters.

Principal responsibilities

  • Serve as the most senior IRL officer for judicial matters in international rugby league
  • Chair IRL tribunals for on- and off-field IRL misconduct cases and other matters, such as disputes between members, presiding over hearings on operational rule breaches, disputes over player transfers, anti-doping and eligibility disputes and making adjudications on all of the above.
  • Cultivate, mentor, coordinate and lead an adequately sized global pool of judiciary panellists, for deployment on IRL judicial matters.
  • Oversee and, where appropriate, recommend amendments to operational rules governing misconduct, including both first instance and appelant organs.
  • Effectively coordinate with colleagues in the member nations.

Duties / activities

  • Recommend for adoption by the Board amendments to the operational rules governing misconduct in IRL, including sentencing guidelines
  • Facilitate, when required, the judicial process by empanelling tribunals, then reviewing, hearing and adjudicating on misconduct cases or disputes in IRL, determining any ruling or sentencing applied upon completion of a case
  • Liaise with judiciary officers mandated by Local Organising Committees of international tournaments to ensure a coherent approach to international rugby league judicial procedure and sentencing
  • Maintain clear and well organised official records of judiciary cases
  • Ability to act expeditiously, if the need arises, to provide timely decisions
  • To a reasonable degree, field and respond to requests from the membership on judicial matters
  • Facilitate misconduct cases by taking logistical and organisational initiative on investigations, written submissions and hearings.

Essential skills / experience

  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • At least ten years experience of law (practising or otherwise) and an unimpeachable commitment towards fairness and impartiality
  • Excellent grasp of normative legal procedural matters and the ability to apply proportionality
  • Ability to operate in a remote management environment with first class administration skills
  • Proven leadership ability with an effective team management and mentoring record
  • Proven excellence in communication skills in a multi-cultural environment
  • Digital competencies, including good IT skills (to participate in virtual hearings and meetings)
  • Excellent record keeping

Desirable skills / experience

  • Professional experience as a judge in a court of law
  • Knowledge of the international sporting landscape, including governmental, non-governmental and omnisport organisations, especially in a disciplinary / judiciary context (elite and grassroots)
  • Speaks more than one language

Working hours

The role is part-time, with the successful applicant required to commit to a reasonable number of hours required to process cases, with expected activity spikes during competition terms i.e. the international windows mid- and end-of-year

The successful applicant will be prepared to work certain weekends, depending on operational needs

Decision Making

The Appointee will be responsible for making decisions, involving a range of facts and situations, which require analysis of a range of options, will require initiative, interpretation of policy and procedure and a heightened sense of jurisprudence.

Freedom to Act

Within clearly defined IRL policies and regulations.

Financial Responsibilities

Operates within budgets determined by the Board of Directors.

All reasonable expenses for travel and subsistence that have been authorised will be met.

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit their CV and a covering letter (of not more than 300 words) to IRL Executive Assistant by 29 November 2019.

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