Jan 142019

Chair - Mill Hill Preservation Society

Organisation: Mill Hill Preservation Society
Reference: MHPS Committee Chair
Vacancy Type: Chair
Deadline: 29th January 2019
Region: London

Vacancy Details

The Mill Hill Preservation Society in London NW7 was established in 1949 "to protect the amenities of Mill Hill and, in particular, to protect its natural, historical and architectural features of beauty and interest; to encourage the preservation of existing open spaces ...and in particular, the principle of the Green Belt".

The Society's Trustees oversee the work of the Committee and ensure necessary regulatory compliance. The day to day work of the Society is carried out by the Committee under the leadership of its Chair. The current Chair has been in place for 12 years and has done a tremendous job; he stand down at the AGM in March 2019 and we are looking for a replacement. The area is faced constantly with a wide range of challenges: at the moment, amongst other things, there are potential incursions into the Green Belt and numerous huge developments either already under way or proposed. Considerable energy and enthusiasm is required from the Chair to ensure the Society is alert to all these and responding to them in an appropriate manner. There is considerable expertise in many areas amongst the Society members; the Chair will continue to harness this.

Please contact the Chair of the Trustees, Nick Priestnall, if you are interested in the role of Chair. (We would also welcome hearing from you if you feel that you can contribute to or support the Society in any other way.)

Advert Start Date: 13th January 2019
Contact Telephone Number: 07850 484488
Contact Name: Nick Priestnall
Contact E-mail: nickpriestnall@msn.com
Url: http://www.mhps.org.uk/

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