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Non-Executive Director, Financial Conduct Authority

fca_logoHM Treasury is seeking to appoint a non-executive director with expertise in consumer affairs to the Board of the FCA. The FCA is an independent financial regulator with the strategic objective of ensuring that the UK’s financial markets function well. It works alongside the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Bank of England as part of the system for regulating financial services in the UK.

The FCA Board keeps a close watch on how the organisation operates and holds the FCA accountable for the way it works. It comprises executive and non-executive members and is chaired by John Griffith-Jones. The FCA and its Board are accountable to the Treasury and to Parliament.

The Role

As a member of the Board:

  • Develop the strategic direction and policy framework of the FCA, ensuring the organisation meets its statutory objectives and is able to carry out its work economically and efficiently.
  • Provide appropriate advice, guidance and counsel to the executive team whilst holding them to account for the performance of the organisation.
  • Ensure that the regulatory powers and responsibilities specifically reserved to the Board are exercised and that appropriate policies are in place to manage risks to the organisation’s operations and the achievement of its strategic objectives.

The Candidate

  • Demonstrable experience of, and concern for, consumer issues in financial services and an understanding of effective regulation in the pursuit of consumer protection.
  • Ability to analyse complex issues quickly, think strategically and reach consistent, firm, balanced and independent judgements. Willingness to challenge constructively, influence and build relationships. Demonstrable resilience in the face of resistance and competing interests.
  • Prior experience on the Board of an organisation in the public or private sector.

Closing date: 16th October 2016.

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