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3 Non-Executive Members & Audit Chair - UK Space Agency

Body: UK Space Agency
Appointing Department: Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Sector: Science & Technology
Location: Regular meetings will be held in Swindon, Harwell and London or in industry/research locations.
Number of Vacancies: 4
Remuneration: Steering Board Members will receive an annual honorarium of £8,000.  / The Audit Committee Chair will receive an annual honorarium of £10,000.
Time Requirements: Members are expected to contribute 20 days per year to UK Space Agency business. / The Audit Chair will be expected to contribute 22 days per year.
Closed for Applications: 29/11/2020

The Steering Board

The Steering Board’s role is to:

  • Advise on external drivers, strategic direction and development of targets, within the framework of the UK Space Agency’s objectives, BEIS and wider Government objectives;
  • Bring an external perspective to provide a strategic challenge on the business and corporate plans and review and endorse the annual report and accounts for submission by the Accounting Officer;
  • Advise on and provide independent assessment of performance, including process of setting of targets and performance against them;
  • Advise on major business developments which imply a significant change in the Agency’s role or activities and on its exposure to and management of risk; and,
  • To advocate and advise in relation to the promotion and awareness of the work of the UK Space Agency with stakeholders and partners.

 The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is an advisory body to the UK Space Agency Steering Board, and while it does not hold executive powers, its main functions are to make sure the use of public money is visible by monitoring financial reporting and discipline. The audit committee’s role is to support the chief executive in their role as accounting officer by:

  • Overseeing the work of the internal and external auditors;
    • Making recommendations to the Steering Board and reviewing the annual financial statements before submission to the Steering Board; and,
    • Assisting and advising the accounting officer on risk, control, governance and associated issues

Person Specification

The Roles:

Non-Executive Members:

Essential skills: (You must meet at least one of the following detailing which ones you meet) 

  • Senior experience across the space sector; understanding the space sector’s contribution to society and to the economy, including its potential applications and impacts and the barriers and opportunities that exist in realising these.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Whitehall; with the ability to tackle and reach conclusions on complex policy issues within academic, commercial, industrial, user, Government or third-party sector organisations.
  • Experience of leadership and successful delivery of major government projects and programmes or major private sector projects.
  • Leadership of organisational transformation in a government context.

Desirable skills: (You must meet three or more of the following detailing which ones you meet)  

  • Experience of participating in Board level meetings or equivalent.
  • The ability to provide strategic advice and challenge in corporate handling of Agency strategy and prioritisation against limited resources.
  • Experience of utilising public funds to achieve value for money.
  • Appraisal of large and complex projects and programmes.
  • Professional knowledge of/skills in Space Sector, Science, Technology or Engineering, preferably developed through working on projects involving substantial public funding.
  • Briefing senior officials and departmental ministers.

Audit Committee Chair:

Applicants need to demonstrate the following skills and experience in addition to the above: 

  • Professional qualifications in financial and risk management.
  • Experience chairing a successful Audit Committee within a government body.
  • Experience of audit (including complex projects) in the public, private or voluntary sector.
  • Ability to provide strategic advice and challenge in corporate handling of Agency risks and prioritisation against limited resources.

Additional Information

If you are shortlisted for the role, due diligence will be carried out and your referees are likely to be contacted.

You will be asked to prepare some identification documents if you are invited to an interview – further information will be provided at that stage.

Interviews are likely to be held remotely via Microsoft Teams.

How to Apply

The closing date for applications is 29/11/2020 at 23:00.

Your CV and supporting statement must be received by 23:00pm on the closing date.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Your application should be tailored to specifically meet the criteria for these roles. It should demonstrate the required criteria for both roles if you wish to be considered for both – otherwise please clearly state which of the two positions you would like to be considered for.

To apply for this post please:

Please ensure that you include “UKSA, NEM/Audit Chair” as relevant in the subject box.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please contact Nadia Toma at publicappointments@beis.gov.uk


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