Dec 102018

Treasurer -  Underground Lights

Organisation: Underground Lights
Vacancy Type: Treasurer
Deadline: 7th January 2019
Region: West Midlands

Vacancy Details

Theatre has the power to change lives.

We know this from our own personal experiences and observations, but also from research that shows how participation in drama can improve mental health and wellbeing.

Underground Lights is a new independent community theatre organisation that is run for (and ultimately aims to be run by) adults experiencing social disadvantage, homelessness and/or mental health issues.

We are seeking someone with financial experience to join our board.

We are based in Coventry, where we run weekly theatre workshops at the Belgrade Theatre. We've been lucky to secure funding from three charitable trusts to date. Our current treasurer will shortly be unavailable for medical reasons, and we're looking for someone who can help us make a very real difference to the lives of some in

If you would like to learn more and have an informal chat, please visit our website or contact Chris Campbell.

Who are we?

Underground Lights is an independent community theatre (registered charity 1179553) that is run for (and ultimately aims to be run by) people experiencing homelessness and/or mental health issues. We are supported by the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry and are now running regular drama/performing arts workshops

What is a trustee and what do they do?

  • They have ultimate responsibility for the successful and legal running of Underground Lights
  • They are in charge of the overall direction of Underground Lights
  • They employ people, treating them properly and within the law
  • They are responsible for making sure we have enough money and that it is spent appropriately and in line with the law
  • They make sure that policies are put in place and put into practice
  • They ensure that all the essentials are in place - such as a website, marketing and admin - but do not have to do those things themselves
  • They are not expected to help with the day-to-day running of Underground Lights

What would your commitment be?

  • The trustees meet at least four times a year, and it's important that everyone is there every time
  • Trustees normally need to prepare for an hour or two before each meeting to understand what's going on
  • They usually take on one additional responsibility, such as finance, safeguarding, employment, training and events. This would take an additional five hours per month
  • Trustees need to be reliable and available to communicate in between meetings by email and phone
  • Trustees are usually in the role for three years, but can step down at any time

What sort of person are we looking for?

  • Someone who is passionate about community theatre in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Someone who is reliable and does what they say they'll do
  • Someone who can express an opinion and disagree respectfully with others
  • Someone who is unafraid to ask for help - we all make mistakes and find things difficult
  • Someone who can keep things confidential - we want to be a very open organisation, but sometimes some of the things discussed will be confidential

We encourage and welcome applications from people from all backgrounds. We particularly welcome applications from people who have personal experience of mental health issues and/or homelessness.

Advert Start Date: 7th December 2018
Contact Telephone Number: 07772926011
Contact Name: Chris Campbell
Contact E-mail:

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