Debbie Wright

May 222020

How directors and boards can take great strides in their understanding of Strategic Marketing.

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for your course today which was extensive, authoritative and engaging - thank you."

Attendees on this interactive video course will be more effective in engaging with board level commercial teams over matters of marketing strategy - they will be able to more easily:

  • Understand the relationship between strategic marketing and company vision and mission;
  • Obtain clarity on strategy selection from both internal and external perspectives;
  • Provide constructive challenges to the commercial team;
  • Identify potential problems and corresponding solutions.

non-executive director

If you have ever wondered what strategic marketing is, and how it relates to the businesses with which you work; or if you have sat in board meetings wondering what on earth the marketing director was talking about, this course will be a great start in building your marketing knowledge and increasing your confidence in the subject.

This half-day interactive video course is aimed at Board members - both Executive and Non-Executive Directors who are not marketing specialists and covers essential knowledge about strategic marketing to enable them to ask the Marketing Director the right questions and, most importantly, understand the answers they are given.

Who should attend?

Individuals who are currently executive or non-executive directors; those seeking appointment as an executive or non-executive director and those looking to progress to a marketing director role.

Course Leader: Duncan Hall FCIM

The course is delivered by Duncan Hall, an energetic business leader, with significant experience in sales, marketing, business, product, and process development gained in both start-up and corporate environments.

Duncan is also a certified trainer/facilitator/coach of corporate continuous process improvement and customer experience programs.
See his LinkedIn profile here: (

Key Details
Duration: 1/2 day

Video Conference


£250.00 (ex VAT)
Payment with Booking Price
£220.00 (ex VAT)

NEDworks Tier1 Member Price
£195.00 (ex VAT)

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The fee includes a downloadable copy of the course handbook

Attendance counts as 4 CPD hours of structured learning

May 222020

Everything directors and boards need to know about sales but were afraid to ask.

"John delivered a thought provoking and insightful workshop. Ideal for Non-Executive Directors
aspiring to fully understand sales and how to create strategic commercial value at board level."
Alastair McIvor Director of AMT Ltd

This interactive video course helps you to be a more effective when working with a commercial team at board level or on a day to day basis. Participants will gain the fundamental knowledge / terminology to interact with the commercial teams while creating/ aligning a ‘Commercial Strategy’ that can then be performance managed to deliver on the company’s overall goals. The course is split into two parts with section one providing insights to the commercial working on a day to day basis with time to discuss how this can work with our business. The second half dives in deeper with the ‘Why’ we will win with the commercial strategy, ‘How’ to implement this and ‘Tools and Metrics’ to measure success

non-executive director

If you have ever wondered what strategic sales is, and how it relates to the businesses with which you work; or if you have sat in board meetings wondering what on earth the sales director was talking about, this course will be a great start in building your sales knowledge and increasing your confidence in the subject.

This half-day interactive video course is aimed at Board members - both Executive and Non-Executive Directors who are not sales specialists and covers essential knowledge about strategic sales to enable them to ask the Sales Director the right questions and, most importantly, understand the answers they are given.

Who should attend?

Individuals who are currently executive or non-executive directors; those seeking appointment as an executive or non-executive director and those looking to progress to a sales director role.

Course Leader: John Hanson

The course is delivered by John Hanson, a highly engaged sales and results focused Business Leader / Sales Director, with strong execution skills and proven successes in Mature & Emerging Markets throughout EMEA. A breadth of knowledge of the FMCG and Medical Device categories and a core competence of returning declining businesses back to profitable and sustainable growth

See his LinkedIn profile here: (

Key Details
Duration: 1/2 day

Video Conference


£250.00 (ex VAT)
Payment with Booking Price
£220.00 (ex VAT)

NEDworks Tier1 Member Price
£195.00 (ex VAT)

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The fee includes a downloadable copy of the course handbook

Attendance counts as 4 CPD hours of structured learning

May 222020

Chair and Trustee - Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association

Where: Oxford, OX4 2AU Remote opportunity Travel limit? No
Time: Either in or out of office hours
Estimate of time needed: 0-3 hours / week
There are no fixed hours required. On average probably 2 hours a week would be needed, but this would vary week to week.
Deadline: 01 Jun 2020

About Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association


The objects of our organisation are to help children to overcome the problems of dyslexia and associated learning difficulties

The charity has been running for 50 years and its main activity is running a Saturday School for dyslexic children. The Chair does not need to be a dyslexic specialist, but should, but should have good administrative skills.

What will you be doing?

Trustees are volunteers who have a real desire to help children and adults to overcome the problems of dyslexia. We want to make sure that as many children as possible can benefit from our Saturday School.

The chair person's responsibilities would be:

  • Communicating with Trustees on general matters, and the organisation and leadership of all Trustees' meetings.
  • Communication with Saturday School Co-ordinator and Helpliners.
  • Communication when required to respond to queries and requests from other similar organisations.

What are we looking for?

Ideally, the volunteer will have at least three years' experience in a management position. They will have a strong interest in dyslexia, good organisation skills, and a desire to continue the success of a charity that is 50 years old. Good communication skills will be vital, as there is no physical location for the charity, and it is essential that the Trustees all work as a team under the direction of the Chair Person

What difference will you make?

This is a great opportunity to take the reins of a small but very well established charity, which is financially sound.

What's in it for the volunteer?

This is an opportunity to work from home with a hardworking and friendly group of trustees.

non-executive director

May 212020

Chair - The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO)

Body: The Pensions Ombudsman
Appointing Department: Department for Work and Pensions
Sector: Regulation
Location: National (Board meetings to be held in London)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: £20,000
Time Requirements: A minimum time commitment of 30 days annually
Closed for Applications: 19/06/2020

Vacancy Description

The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO) investigates and determines complaints and disputes about the way that occupational and personal pension schemes are run. The Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman considers decisions made by the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) Board under the PPF’s internal procedures and decides on appeals against decisions by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Financial Assistance Scheme. Although the roles are provided for separately in legislation, they are held by one post holder. Throughout this document the term ‘PO’ will therefore cover both roles.

TPO provides an accessible service for dealing with pensions complaints. Determinations are final and binding on all parties, subject only to appeal in the High Court on a point of law. Services are provided free of charge.

In recent years the office has seen a steady increase in business which also includes the transfer of the Early Resolution Service from The Pensions Advisory Service to TPO in March 2018.

TPO is a statutory tribunal and Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) sponsored by the DWP.

Following the recommendations from the 2019Tailored Review of The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO) governance structure DWP Ministers agreed to implement a full Board structure consisting of three Non-Executive Board members (including a Chair), and two Executive Directors (the Pensions Ombudsman, and a Chief Operating Officer – to be appointed in July 2020), in line with Cabinet Office principles for effective and proportionate governance. There is currently an interim Board structure including the interim Chair who has been tasked with setting up the new board. However, it is envisaged that the new Chair will be involved in the later stages of the recruitment and appointment of the Non-Executive Directors

The Role of the Chair

The Chair of TPO will be able to demonstrate excellent communication and strong and effective leadership qualities to shape and support the delivery of the strategic objectives required to support TPO in fulfilling its objectives. The successful candidate will have responsibility for:

  • Providing clear strategic leadership in the setup and implementation of the new Board structure, supporting the Executive Team with this transformation. You will ensure the Board is focused on the organisation’s current and future priorities and that views are communicated clearly across the organisation and DWP;
  • Setting TPO’s strategic direction ensuring alignment with DWP Ministerial priorities; ensuring that its plans are challenged constructively by the Board so that priorities and targets are clear and appropriate;
  • Providing strong leadership to ensure the organisation delivers on those plans in line with the statutory, administrative and governance / financial frameworks that apply to the organisation;
  • Ensuring there is a constructive working relationship with Ministers and officials in the sponsoring body, the Department for Work and Pensions;
  • Working with the Ombudsman to ensure TPO is effective and efficient and so provides excellent value for money in a culture of continuous improvement;
  • Supporting and motivating the Executive Team whilst also holding them to account for agreed delivery objectives and sound financial management;
  • Conducting performance reviews of the effectiveness of the individual Non-Executive board members and ensuring that regular reviews of overall Board effectiveness take place; and
  • Demonstrating commitment to the Seven Principles of Public life set out by the Committee on Standards in Public Life (see Annex 1 in the Candidate Pack)

Person Specification

Essential Criteria

  • You will possess strong and effective senior leadership qualities including the ability to shape and support the delivery of agreed goals, priorities and statutory obligations, and the ability to lead through others;
  • You will have excellent communication skills including the ability to influence people, and develop and maintain relationships across different groups;
  • You will have the ability to operate constructively and build positive relationships with Board level and senior stakeholders – in particular the ability to engage and build effective relationships quickly with stakeholders in the Pensions industry;
  • You will have an understanding of the economic and political environment within which the public sector operates;
  • You will be able to demonstrate an excellent knowledge of corporate governance and a clear understanding of the role of the executive versus that of non-executive; and
  • You will be able to demonstrate the ability to fulfil the role with professional integrity, exemplifying the highest standards of behaviour in public life.

How to Apply

In order for us to progress your application please submit the following completed documentation:

  1. A CV (maximum 2-3 pages) with your education and professional qualifications and full employment history.
  2. An accompanying Supporting Statement (maximum 2 pages, font 12) – this is your opportunity to demonstrate how you meet each of the criteria set out in this information pack. You should aim to provide specific examples that demonstrate how your knowledge and experience matches each of the criteria, and which describe what your role was in achieving a specific result.
    Please ensure your full name and the post for which you are applying are clearly noted at the top of your CV and Supporting Statement.
  3. Personal Information Form Most of the information requested is not seen by the panel assessing your application (though the panel may consider your declaration of interests).
  4. Diversity Monitoring Form. Collecting and analysing candidate data will help us improve our diversity strategy. It will allow us to run more successful recruitment exercises in the future and ensure that competitions are fair for all. This form is not part of the selection process and will be treated in strictest confidence. It will be kept separate from your application and not be seen by the selection panel.

Please email your application to: by 23:00 on 19th June 2020

If you have any difficulty in sending your application or need the application pack in an alternative format (e.g. Braille, large print, audio CD, tape or e-text), please contact the ALB Public Appointments Team by e-mail to


This post is regulated by The Commissioner for Public Appointments

May 212020

Lead Non-Executive Board Member and Non-Executive Board Member - Department for International Trade

Body: Department for International Trade
Appointing Department: Department for International Trade
Sectors: Business, Finance & Skills, International
Location: London (occasional travel in the UK)
Skills required: Business / Commercial, International Experience
Number of Vacancies: 2
Remuneration: £20,000 per annum for Lead NEBM role and £15,000 per annum for NEBM role.
Time Requirements: The time commitments for both roles will be approximately 15-20 days per annum, including at least 4 Departmental Board meetings per annum. The Lead NEBM will be required to Chair the Nominations and Governance Committee and will need to attend around 2 Nominations and Governance meetings per annum. The Non-Executive Board Member will be required to attend around 5 Audit and Risk Assurance Committee per annum.
Closed for Applications: 14/06/2020

Please note following interviews the Secretary of State may wish to meet with all appointable candidates to finalise the appointment. We will provide reasonable notice to all candidates invited to interview stage.


This is an important time for the Department for International Trade (DIT), a Department at the heart of the UK’s relationship with the global economy. Our role is to promote and enable UK trade globally, enabling businesses to take advantage of the appetite for British goods and services around the world, attracting foreign companies and investment to our shores, and enabling international companies to collaborate with UK suppliers.

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, the Department has been working hard to establish an independent trade policy and champion free trade around the world. The Department will be a liberalising force, tackling protectionism head-on and defending the rules-based framework that underpins our ability to trade freely. The Department will be striking trade agreements with some of the largest advanced economies, building trade relationships with the economies of the future, and championing the multilateral rules-based trading system with the WTO at its heart. The Department, as part of its levelling up agenda, will be supporting and encouraging UK businesses to grow and attract FDI across the whole of the UK. It will be supporting businesses to trade through trade dialogues and targeting market access barriers. It has a critical role in promoting great innovations, products and skills in our country through our Trade Commissioners, who are strategically placed to champion the UK, trade advisors who help exporters reach new markets, the GREAT campaign and trade shows.

The Department is currently working at pace to respond directly to the global health pandemic, COVID-19. As the situation unfolds the consequences for businesses and trade are acute and require immediate action to keep trade flowing and supply chains functioning. The Department is focused on immediate activity to provide practical support to businesses and enable trade through the crisis for example working with G20 trade ministers, working with BEIS and HMT to provide support to UK businesses, using our regional and overseas networks and sector teams to unblock supply chains and on international procurement of critical medical supplies. The Department also has a critical role to play in supporting the economy and British businesses to recover once we are through the worst of the immediate crisis.

The Department had a large regional and overseas presence, with its headquarters based in London. Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioners (HMTCs) lead the overseas regions and are a crucial part in maintaining our strong trading relationships with other countries.

The Role

The Department for International Trade is seeking to fill the position of two Non-Executive Board Members. The Department for International Trade embraces and values diversity in all forms. We welcome and pride ourselves on the positive impact diversity has on the work we do, and we promote equality of opportunity throughout the organisation.

  1. The first vacancy is for a Lead Non-Executive Board member position.
  2. The second vacancy is for a Non-Executive Board Member and Member of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

The time commitments for both roles will be approximately 15-20 days per annum, including at least 4 Departmental Board meetings per annum. The Lead NEBM will be required to Chair the Nominations and Governance Committee and will need to attend around 2 Nominations and Governance meetings per annum. The Non-Executive Board Member will be required to attend around 5 Audit and Risk Assurance Committee per annum.

Candidates have the option to apply for one or both vacancies. Please make clear in your cover letter, which vacancy you are applying for. If you are applying for both vacancies, please state a preference. The Advisory Assessment Panel will identify which role you will be appointable for based on their assessment of how you meet the criterions for the roles and will discuss this with you. (See ‘How To Apply’ for more details).

Key responsibilities of Non-Executive Board Members

Both Non-Executive Board Members roles will exercise their role through influence and advice, supporting as well as challenging the executive, and covering such issues as:

  • support, guidance and challenge on the progress and implementation of the Departments Strategy (the single departmental plan)
  • performance (including agreeing key performance indicators), operational issues (including the operational and delivery implications of policy proposals), adherence to relevant standards (e.g. commercial, digital), and on the effective management of the department
  • the recruitment, appraisal and suitable succession planning of senior executives, as appropriate within the principles set out by the Civil Service Commission

Key responsibilities of Lead Non-Executive Board Member

As Lead Non-Executive Board Member there are additional responsibilities. The successful candidate’s responsibilities will include:

  • supporting the Secretary of State in her role as chair of the Departmental Board, enabling the Board to advise effectively on Departmental strategy and on the operational, commercial and delivery implications of policies;
  • working with the Permanent Secretary, Directors General and senior managers to scrutinise information about the Department’s performance and management, and challenge the Department on how it is delivering its strategic priorities;
  • providing independent scrutiny for the Department, on request;
  • lead the Department’s non-executive team, ensuring that they are able to fulfil their role effectively and meet the other NEBMs regularly, ensuring that their views are given due weight on the Board and the Lead Minister is aware of any concerns;
  • ensuring that the non-executive board members collectively meet the lead minister for 1:1 meetings from time to time;
  • work with the Government Lead NEBM, and non-executives across government, to learn from the experiences of other government Departments and other comparable organisations, including playing an active role in the cross-government network of lead NEBMs and to feedback views to the Prime Minister;
  • Chair the Nominations and Governance Committee.

The two Non-Executive Board Members will become members of the Departmental Board on appointment. Departmental boards are an advisory body to support and challenge ministers and accounting officers. Policy will be decided by Ministers alone, on advice of officials. For more information on Departmental boards and government non-executives please refer to the Corporate Governance Code. The individual appointed in to the second roles as the Non-Executive Board will become a member of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee on appointment.

Person Specification

Candidates for the role of Lead Non-Executive Board Member should demonstrate the following essential criteria:

  • proven leadership in large and complex organisations in the private, public or voluntary sectors, with main board-level experience as an executive or non-executive; and
  • able to commit to the time requirement for the Lead NEBM role, unless due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Candidates applying for the Non-Executive Board Member role should demonstrate the following essential criteria:

  • experience in crisis management and/or change management;
  • macro-economic expertise, particularly in relation to international trade and free trade agreements; and
  • able to commit to the time requirement of the NEBM role, unless due to unforeseeable circumstance.

The following are also desirable criteria for both roles. Please share evidence of this experience where relevant:

  • experience in trade policy, driving exports and/or driving foreign direct investment (FDI) decisions;
  • experience of risk, performance and financial management;
  • experience of leading major projects from initiation, through development and to delivery, using sound evidence to inform decisions;
  • the ability to contribute and inspire confidence with a wide range of stakeholders both in formal environments (such as Board meetings) and in less formal environments (such as one-to-one meetings with Executives)
  • an understanding of the key challenges faced by the public sector and the ability to bring their experience to bear on these challenges.
  • sound judgement and a high level of integrity (including when dealing with confidential or sensitive issues);
  • genuine interest in contributing to the effective running of the Department, at the Board, elsewhere in the Department and (as appropriate) across Government.

Additional Information

Important information to consider

All candidates are expected to the adhere to the Principles of Public Life and the Code of Conduct for Board members.

The successful candidate will be required to undertake security checks in line with the Civil Service guidelines, which we would envisage to be at SC (Security Check) level. For more information regarding security clearance please see the UK National security vetting: advice for vetting subjects.

Due diligence will be carried out at the shortlisting stage, which will include character references and background checks.

How to Apply

The Department for International Trade embraces and values diversity in all forms. We welcome and pride ourselves on the positive impact diversity has on the work we do, and we promote equality of opportunity throughout the organisation. To make an application please email us your CV, covering letter, Candidate Declaration form and Diversity monitoring form (attached below) and send to

*Applications must be received by [23:59 on 14/06/ 2020]

Guidance on CV Format

Please ensure you CV includes:

  • Your full name, title, contact number and your personal email address.
  • Maximum two sides A4, minimum 11 Arial black font, setting out your career history in chronological order, and including the dates you occupied these roles.

Guidance on Cover Letter Format

  • The supporting letter is your opportunity to demonstrate to the Advisory Assessment the Panel how you can demonstrate the skills and experience outlined in the role and person specification
  • Please use a heading to state clearly which role you are applying for. If you are applying for both the Lead NEBM and NEBM vacancies, please make this clear as well as your preferred role e.g. Applying for Lead Non-Executive Board Member and Non-Executive Board Member role and my first preference is Non-Executive Board Member.
  • Please provide subheadings and separate paragraphs describing how you meet essential and any desired criteria.
  • Write all acronyms in full when first used.
  • Ensure your full name and the title of the post are clearly noted at the top of your letter.
  • The maximum page limit for your letter is two sides A4, minimum 11 Arial black font.

Candidate Declaration Form

It is a requirement of the appointments process that we ask interested applicants to declare the below activity as part of our due diligence. These comprise:

  • Declaration of: conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest; previous conduct which could bring the reputation of the Department into disrepute; political activity;
  • Requests for references;

As such, please complete and return the attached Candidate Declaration Form as part of your application.

Please note, this form will be shared with the Panel as part of your application. We will only contact the referees of candidates invited to interview and will also carry out the following searches; financial probity, public statements, and publicly available social media profiles on all candidates invited to interview.

Diversity Monitoring Form

We are committed to recruiting candidates that reflect the diverse communities we serve. To do this we ask candidates to fill out a diversity monitoring form. Candidates should complete the hard copy signposted below at the end of this information page and submit the form as part of their application. The information you provide will help support us ensure that our recruitment processes are fair to all and allow us to attract diverse and talented candidates.

Diversity monitoring information will not be seen by the Assessment Panel assessing your application. However, you should note that political activity detailed in this form will be provided separately to the panel and may, if appropriate, be discussed with you during your interview.

Disability Confidence Scheme

The Department for International Trade is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all candidates during the selection process, so that appointments are selected from the widest pool of talent available.

We are signed up to the disability confidence scheme and as part of that commitment is that we guarantee an interview to any candidate who:

  • has disclosed a disability as defined under the Equality Act 2010 (see definition below); and
  • meets the essential criteria for the post(s) in question, as set out in the role advertisement.

The Equality Act 2010 defines a person as disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment and the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day to day activities.

If you wish to apply under the disability confidence scheme, please complete the disability confidence form (attached) and return it with your application.

All applications will be acknowledged by email after the closing date.


This post is NOT regulated by The Commissioner for Public Appointments.

May 202020

Chair & 3 Non-Executive Directors - Hillingdon Credit Union

Business / Organisation Name: Hillingdon Credit Union
Business / Organisation Sector: Not-for-Profit
Business / Organisation Website:
Business / Organisation Type: Charity or Not-for-Profit
Role Title: Chair & 3 Non-Executive Directors
Remuneration: Expenses only

Role Description

Hillingdon Credit Union is a small but ambitious organisation that punches above its weight in terms of impact on our 3000 members in West London. We are currently in a growth phase, with a potential merger taking place later in 2020, and are now seeking to strengthen our Board through recruitment to the following posts:

President (Chair)

With in-depth Non-Executive Director experience, you will have strong governance and leadership skills and the ability to work closely with our local communities and beyond to raise our profile.

3 Non-Executive Directors

We are particularly seeking applicants with the following professional disciplines:

  • IT/Digitalisation
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Commercial or Finance Law

We are very open to applications from current professional candidates with no previous NED experience, and from female candidates who are underrepresented on our Board.

Application Details

For further information go to then contact our retained Consultant, Denise Kirkham from Distinctive People on 07833 475669 for an informal discussion.

Closing Date: 10/06/2020
Contact Name: Denise Kirkham
Contact Telephone: 07833 475669
Contact Email:

May 202020

Non Executive Directors - London CIV

Recruiter: London CIV
Location: London (Greater)
Salary: £15k per annum
Posted: 18 May 2020
Closes: 08 Jun 2020
Job Function: Non Executive Director
Industry: Finance, Investment Management, Not-For-Profit

London LGPS CIV Limited (“London CIV”) has been established for and on behalf of London’s Boroughs and the City of London as an investment fund manager through which they can collaborate and collectivise the investment of their individual pension fund assets. With about £35 billion of assets across the 32 funds there is significant scope for savings and efficiencies.

London CIV is authorised as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”). It has £8.5 billion of assets under management (as at 31/3/2020) and £11.5 billion of passively managed assets under oversight. Work is ongoing to open more sub-funds with the aim of providing greater investment choice for London’s Local Authorities (“LLAs”) who are also London CIV’s shareholders.

The London CIV has now completed its start-up phase and continues to be one of the most exciting projects in the financial services sector. This is an opportunity to help it grow and achieve its full potential.

The Role:

As a non-executive Director, you will play an active role on the board of London CIV, supporting the London CIV Executive Team and Chair to deliver the company’s strategic plan and priorities, overcome challenges and exploit opportunities, including establishing an effective partnership with shareholders. You will bring a range of skills and experience to the board, that will ensure effective oversight of the strategy, governance and operations of London CIV, as well as steering the organisation through the development and delivery of any organisational change.

Person Specification

The successful candidates will have financial services experience which includes investment of pension funds and experience which enables them to establish credibility as a NED of a LGPS pooling company. Candidates will have board experience which will enable them to provide advice, guidance, support and effective challenge to the London CIV Executive Leadership Team to ensure that the board’s responsibilities are properly discharged.

For more details of the role, please visit the London CIV website or contact Kristina Ingate the Company Secretary at

Application Process:

For more information and the details on how to make an application, please visit

Closing date is 7pm on Monday 8 June 2020.

May 192020

Director/Trustees - St. Mary Redcliffe Church Lands Charity

St Mary Redcliffe Church is a Gothic masterpiece, but also a highly diverse parish in one of the more deprived areas of Bristol and is an active place of worship and is home to a growing, inclusive congregation. This parish church has stood for over 800 years.

St. Mary Redcliffe Church Lands Charity (Charity no 211109) are looking for new directors (of a Trustee style) for the charity which provides extensive funding for the maintenance of St Mary Redcliffe Church and support of its charitable works in the parish it serves.

Who are we looking for and sectors of interest:

  • Historic building conservation
  • Investment/real estate management,
  • Community engagement living or working within the parish of St Mary Redcliffe

What will the role entail?

  • To operate and manage the charity and the corporate trustee in keeping with the charity’s charitable objectives and their respective legal financial obligations and within the parameters of good governance.
  • Management of the charity’s income and assets.
  • Manage the distribution of the income principally by the ways of grants to the Parochial Church Council of St Mary Redcliffe which has a legal responsibility for maintaining and running the church.
  • Formulating and reviewing the strategic aims of the charity and ensuring that the policies of the charity are in accordance with its aims.
  • The role requires that you work with integrity, honesty and the ability to understand and work within the legal constraints of a limited company and a charity.
  • Crucially, you will have a passion for preserving and enhancing this unique building and feel a duty to help to promote it going forward as a beacon of religious cultural and charitable activity within the Parish.
  • 4 x meetings a year (usually held in the evening), you may be asked to join other sub-committees that may result in a couple of meetings per year.
  • If you haven’t been a Trustee before, they will provide a full induction and support.
  • People of all faiths and no faith are welcome, but you must be sympathetic for the principles of the Church of England, as this is an active place of worship.
  • These roles are of a voluntary nature and unremunerated.

Moon Executive Search has been appointed as chosen Search Partner to St Mary Redcliffe Church Lands Charity and will manage the recruitment process.

To register your interest, please send a copy of your latest CV or biography together with a supporting statement, explaining your motivations for applying for the role, how your skills, knowledge and experience match the requirements sought.

Moon Executive Search is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all areas of society.

Completed Expressions of Interest should be sent by email to
quoting reference ‘MC02077’ FAO: Sandy Hinks

NB: All direct applications will be forwarded to Moon Executive Search

May 192020

Members - RIBA Standards Committee

Recruiter: RIBA 1834
Location: London & Remote
Salary: Unremunerated
Posted: 23 Apr 2020
Closes: 25 May 2020
Ref: RIBA Standards Committee Members
Job (Function): RIBA Jobs
Contract Type: Freelance
Hours: Flexible

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture.

The organisation serves its members and society in order to deliver better buildings and places, stronger communities and a sustainable environment. The RIBA delivers key services to members, as well as advancing architecture more generally – through its awards, library, gallery, public programme and website. Being inclusive, ethical, environmentally aware and collaborative underpins all that the RIBA does.

Following an extensive review, a new governance structure has been approved for the organisation which has seen the creation of a new Board of Trustees who take over responsibility from the existing, much larger, Council for the oversight of the executive management of the RIBA.

Council has the following principal functions:

  • to be the representative body of the membership of the RIBA;
  • to provide strategic advice and guidance to the Board; and
  • to hold the Board to account.

The reformed RIBA Council is looking to establish the RIBA Standards Committee and appoint up to 8 members; up to 5 members who are Chartered RIBA members and a minimum of 3 Committee members who are independent of the RIBA.

The Standards Committee sets standards for the profession and oversees the administration of the Conduct function for RIBA members and Chartered Practices, which includes:

  • publishing the RIBA Code of Professional Conduct and RIBA Code of Practice
  • oversight of members’ compliance with the matters set out in their Declarations,
  • determining the procedure for dealing with conduct issues under the Byelaws, including making rules dealing with disciplinary procedure; and
  • taking disciplinary action in respect of members or Chartered Practices, including carrying out investigations, suspending and removing members, and issuing other sanctions.
  • setting professional competency and other criteria for admission and maintenance of Chartered, Student, Associate and Affiliate membership, including educational qualifications and CPD requirements
  • monitoring and recording compliance with CPD requirements

Applicants should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Experience in corporate governance in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Experience of working with a standards-led member body.
  • Ability to contribute to the activities and delegated responsibilities of the committee
  • Be familiar with the RIBA’s mission, vision values and goals and strategic plan
  • Clear critical thinker and able to challenge opinions

A Chartered RIBA Member for the member roles

Candidates for the independent roles will bring senior experience gained in a similarly complex and high-profile organisation. They will ideally have a strong interest in architecture and the impact that the RIBA and its members have in the world.

Candidates for the member roles should have senior experience gained in an architecture practice and/or architecture education or equivalent setting. They will have a strong interest in the professional, educational and ethical dimensions of architecture and ideally experience in standards setting. The roles may also involve co-ordination with other RIBA committees and expert groups.

All post-holders will be collaborative, empathetic and have a sensitive and diplomatic style.

For an information pack please see the link below or for further enquires please contact with the reference: Standards Committee Recruitment

Applications including CV and covering letter explaining why they are a suitable candidate to serve on this committee should be sent to or alternatively you can apply online using the link on this page.

Closing date for applications: 25 May 2020

The RIBA is a progressive employer, committed to developing a diverse workforce. We encourage applications from all sections of society and welcome requests for flexible working across our organisation.

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May 192020

Non-Executive Director - Parallel Learning Trust

CEO/ General Management | Change Management | Corporate Governance | Growth Management | Human Resources | Legal/Compliance | Property/Estate management | Risk
Deadline date: 26th June 2020

Could you be an Academy Ambassador in Bromley?

Parallel Learning Trust seeks two non-executives/directors and a member to join its board. Parallel Learning Trust is a growing multi-academy Trust established in 2014, with expertise in primary, special and alternative provision and driven by the moral imperative to educate and develop young minds in preparation for their futures in the world of work.

The Academy Ambassadors programme brings the expertise of the business world onto boards at multi-academy trusts (MATs) throughout the country to raise standards of education and improve the life chances of young people, which is critical to our social and economic success.

The opportunity

Parallel Learning Trust is a growing multi-academy Trust established in 2014, with expertise in primary, special and alternative provision across diverse areas of Essex County, London and Kent. This is an exciting time for the trust as there are two major building projects underway and further growth plans with two live applications for new Special Free Schools currently with the DfE for consideration.

The board seeks two business leaders with expertise in

  • human resources or
  • construction/ facilities management or
  • finance or
  • growth/change management
  • corporate governance

As a key member of the board you will support the trust in achieving the following over the next 12 – 24 months:

  • Growth management: oversight of the set-up and launch of new provisions and expansion of existing provision
  • Governance: developing the London, Kent and Essex hubs to be sustainable and ensuring appropriate local level governance
  • Developing quality: ensuring consistency across the trust in delivery, balanced by a real understanding of local needs and community

What’s involved?

Board governance in education is a strategic, ‘eyes on, hands off’ commitment which typically involves attending c. six board meetings per year/6-8 hours’ time per month.

You will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils and the effective and efficient performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

As an Academy Ambassador, you will join our alumni network which provides resources, guidance, networking events and webinars to support you in your role.

All roles are pro bono.

What next?

A full trust specification is available here: Parallel Learning -Full Trust Specification 2020.pdf