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Why family businesses need a Non-Executive Director

Institute of Directors commissioned report highlighted value Non-Executive Directors bring to family businesses In 2015, then Ulster University post-graduate Caoimhe ...
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Sustainability folk make good NEDs

Yes, believe it or not, if you have a reasonably good appreciation of business, corporate governance and sustainability risk, you ...
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Becoming an NHS Non-Executive director

When I left the NHS five years ago, becoming a non-executive was just not on my bucket list. Although I ...
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Non-Executive Directors – ‘Guinea Pigs’ or highly trained professionals?

If you are a Non-Executive Director are you a guinea pig or a highly trained professional? Over 130 years ago, in ...
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Need a Non-Executive Director? Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls

Caroline Gourlay June 30, 2015 A good non-exec director can do wonders for an SME, bringing experience and a different perspective, ...
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