Aug 232019

Member – Export Guarantees Advisory Council (EGAC)

Location: London
Date Posted: 17/08/2019
Closing Date: 15/09/2019

Vacancy Description

The Export Guarantees Advisory Council (EGAC) is an Expert Committee which advises the Secretary of State on UK Export Finance’s (UKEF) operations.

The Council normally provides advice to the Secretary of State through UK Export Finance officials, usually at meetings attended by UK Export Finance’s Chief Executive. The Council addresses its views directly to the Ministers on any subject where it deems it appropriate to do so. It meets with the Minister once a year, or more if necessary.

In practice, the Council primarily concerns itself with providing advice on the ethical policies applied by UKEF in the conduct of its business related to anti-bribery and corruption, environmental, social and human rights risks and impacts of the projects which it supports, sustainable lending and transparency (including freedom of information).

The Council does not have any executive powers. It reviews past decisions UKEF has made to support export transactions and provides advice on the decision-making and, in particular, the application of ethical policies.

Person Specification

The preferred candidate is expected to have:

  • experience of commerce and international trade, the private export finance and credit insurance market and debt/capital markets;
    • expertise in one or more of the following;
    • Climate Change / Paris Agreement
    • The Sustainable Development Goals
    • Sustainable Lending
    • Environmental and social issues, including human rights
    • Sectors where UKEF typically works or is looking to support in the future, such as renewable/low carbon energy, infrastructure, heavy industry, etc.
  • an understanding of UKEF’s purpose and business and its role of supporting exports while at the same time complying with policies on ethical matters;
  • familiarity with the OECD ‘Recommendation of the Council on Common Approaches for Officially Supported Export Credits and Environmental and Social Due Diligence (The ‘Common Approaches’), the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the Ruggie ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy Framework’), the Equator Principles, and related international agreements which may be associated with the role of export credit agencies;
  • familiarity with the OCED recommendations in relation to export credits on anti-bribery and sustainable lending an understanding of the role of an advisory council, including its relationship to Ministers.

Suitable candidates will demonstrate the following personal qualities:

  • an ability to contribute to the work of the EGAC through giving advice, challenge, constructive criticism and support;
  • an ability to work effectively in managing positive relationships with stakeholders that adds value to an organisation; and
  • a commitment to attend all meetings and undertake the necessary preparation.

We would welcome and encourage applications from:

  • professions which could include business, public sector, not for profit sector, which would include expertise from the environmental, construction, consultancy, legal, finance professions.
    women, disabled and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) candidates.

Additional Information


EGAC meetings usually take place in UKEF’s London office based in 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ.

Time Commitment

EGAC meets quarterly (for 3-4 hours). Members are expected to attend each meeting. There is also a formal dinner with the Trade Minister held once each year.

Length of Appointment

The appointment is for three years with the possibility of being reappointed for a further period, up to a maximum of ten years.

How to Apply

Applicants should provide a copy of their c.v. together with a covering letter, of no more than two A4 pages, explaining why you are interested in the position and how you meet the criteria outlined in the personal specification.

Applicants should ensure they highlight what experience they have in dealing with:

  • Climate Change / Paris Agreement
  • The Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable Lending
  • Environmental and social issues, including human rights
  • Sectors where UKEF typically works or is looking to support in the future, such as renewable/low carbon energy, infrastructure, heavy industry, etc.

Applicants should also complete the Conflicts of Interest form and the Monitoring form. The Monitoring form will be kept separately from your application and Conflicts of Interest form, and will not be seen by the selection panel in order to meet the Cabinet Office’s Government Code on Public Appointments

Application should be sent to using “EGAC Application” in the subject line.

Should you have any questions regarding the process please contact using “EGAC Application” in the subject line.

What is the timetable?

The closing date for applications is 15th September 2019 at 23.00.

Applications will be sifted week commencing 16th September 2019 and candidates will be notified whether they will be invited to interview.

The interviews are scheduled to take place on Wednesday 2nd October 2019 at UKEF’s London offices in Westminster. Applicants should therefore be available to interview on this day.

Further Information

Further information on UKEF and EGAC can be found on UKEF’s website:


This post is NOT regulated by The Commissioner for Public Appointments.

Aug 232019

Trustee/Vice Chair - The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust

Organisation: The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust
Reference: NCVO VC
Vacancy Type: Vice Chair
Deadline: 30th August 2019
Region: South East

Vacancy Details

Reports to: The Chairperson
Directly Manages: n/a
Indirectly manages: The Board

The Charity

Statistics show in the Milton Keynes area alone, on average, 100 parents will die in one year, leaving 170 dependent children. This figure is highly likely to be higher as we also support children in the surrounding areas, including Buckingham, Northampton and Leighton Buzzard.

We support children and young people in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, who have been bereaved of a parent or sibling. As well as providing information and guidance on our website and social networking sites, we provide various bereavement support services. These include regular support groups, activities and trips, and individual tailored support, as appropriate.

The support package we provide is predominantly built to support the bereaved child, but all activities consider the whole family to ensure that parents and carers are involved and also supported as a result. This also includes the larger extended family where there may be step siblings and parents.

The various services we provide are designed to ensure that bereaved children are supported in the grieving process, from provision of books and resources and individually tailored memory boxes to activities that promote wellbeing by building confidence and self-esteem. Facilitating contact with others who have also suffered a bereavement can also reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

General Responsibilities of a Trustee

  • Ensuring that the organisation pursues its stated objects (purposes), as defined in its governing document, by developing and agreeing a long-term strategy
  • Ensuring that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations
  • Ensuring that the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its charitable objects (ie the charity must not spend money on activities that are not included in its own objects, however worthwhile or charitable those activities are) for the benefit of the public
  • Ensuring that the organisation defines its goals and evaluates performance against agreed targets
  • Safeguarding the good name and values of the organisation
  • Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of the organisation, including having appropriate policies and procedures in place
  • Ensuring the financial stability of the organisation
  • Protecting and managing the property of the charity and ensuring the proper investment of the charity's funds
  • Following proper and formal arrangements for the appointment, supervision, support, appraisal and remuneration of the chief executive
  • Attend at least 75% of board meetings
  • Attend additional ‘emergency' meetings where necessary
  • Aim to attend at least 2 events and/or support groups throughout each year
  • Attend the AGM, which is normally held in November
  • Report any problems, personal concerns or absence to the Secretary
  • Report any conflict of interest to the Board of Trustees as soon as possible
  • Adhere to the charity's own Code of Conduct
  • When involved in operational activities, for example on the Events Team, be clear about the capacity of the role taken on, what is and isn't authorised and who to report to

In addition to the general responsibilities of a trustee, duties include the following:

  • Providing leadership to the organisation and the board by ensuring that everyone remains focused on the delivery of the organisation's charitable purposes in order to provide greater public benefit
  • To assist the chairperson in ensuring the Charity is compliant with relevant legislation, as well as the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Charity Commission
  • To act as deputy, in the chairperson's absence, and chair and facilitate board meetings
  • To assist in giving direction to board policy-making
  • Checking that decisions taken at meetings are implemented
  • Representing the organisation at functions and meetings, and acting as a spokesperson as appropriate
  • Bringing impartiality and objectivity to decision-making
  • To be designated chairperson should the existing chairperson step down

With the Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

  • To assist the chairperson however required

Where staff are employed:

  • To assist the chairperson however required
  • Sitting on appointment and disciplinary panels

Person specification

  • Commitment to the organisation for at least one year
  • Leadership skills
  • Experience of committee work
  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to their duties as Vice Chairperson and Trustee
  • Ability to take decisions for the good of the organisation
  • Excellent communication skills, including tact and diplomacy
  • Willingness to speak one's mind and listen to the views of others
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • Understanding of the legal responsibilities and liabilities of a Trustee
  • Impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences

Additional information

To be a Vice Chairperson:

  • You must be 18 or over
  • You must not have been convicted of a serious crime
  • You must not have been declared bankrupt
  • You must not have been disqualified as a Company Director
  • There will be a probationary period of 3 months

Advert Start Date: 21st August 2019
Contact Telephone Number: 07507111066
Contact Name: Heidi Math
Contact E-mail:

Aug 222019

Members - Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COM)

Location: London
Date Posted: 19/08/2019
Closing Date: 01/10/2019

Vacancy Description

Ministers are seeking to make two appointments to the Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment: one Lay Member and one Expert Member.

Role and Responsibilities of a Member

COM is an important committee reporting to the Chief Medical Officer, and the Chair of the Food Standards Agency on all aspects of mutagenic risks to humans from exposure to chemicals in food, consumer products and the environment (see terms of reference). As a specialist in genetic toxicology or related area with a particular expertise in the role of mutations in cancer studies, members will:

  • Contribute to discussions of the Committee working alongside recognised experts who assess other aspects of the detailed technical data on genotoxins under consideration (e.g. mode of action/mechanism studies, traditional and novel toxicity testing strategies, statistics).
  • Are expected to contribute to the Committee’s discussions and to the consideration of detailed statements and conclusions from the Committee.
  • May be asked to contribute to other discussions (such as in working groups) or to draft text within your specialism if the need arises.

The Department of Health and Social Care values and promotes diversity and encourages applications from all sections of the community. The boards of public bodies should reflect the population they are there to serve. Boards also benefit from fresh perspectives, and we are always keen to encourage candidates with private sector experience to consider applying for our roles.

Person Specification

To be considered, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the qualities, skills and experience to meet all the essential criteria for appointment.

Lay and Expert Member

All applicants must possess the expertise to provide independent scrutiny and credible advice on the issues that fall within the remit of COM and must:

  • Be able to provide specific advice independent of government or industry
  • Be a good communicator with sound judgement
  • Be able to demonstrate an ability to contribute to the work of COM
  • Have some experience of committee membership
  • Have contributed to national or international fora whose work is within the remit of COM

Expert member

In addition, for the expert member role applicants must have:

  • A sound understanding of a field of genotoxicity and be able to show a track record of achievement in one or more of the following areas of expertise:

Regulatory aspects of genotoxicology

  • The development of novel in vitro (non-animal) methods for the assessment of genotoxic risks from chemicals
  • Expertise in reproductive toxicology
  • Expertise in epigenetics

We will consider candidates with track records in related areas.

Additional Information

The Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COM) advises government on the mutagenicity of chemicals used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other products.

COM provides independent advice to government departments and agencies on the potential mutagenicity and genotoxicity of chemicals (whether they are likely to cause mutation in cells), from natural products to new synthetic chemicals used in pesticides or pharmaceuticals. It also advises on strategies and research for genotoxicity testing.

The committee also advises on important general hazards (the inherent property of the substance) or risk (the likelihood of mutagenetic or genotoxic effects occurring after a given exposure) and gives recommendations for genotoxicity testing.

COM is an advisory body and has no regulatory status. However, it may provide advice to agencies that have a regulatory role.

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the appointment of a Member to the Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment.

To make an application please email your CV, a supporting letter and completed monitoring forms to: – please quote VAC-1647 in the subject field.

If you are unable to apply by email you may send your application by post to:

Sally Brough-Hirst, Department of Health and Social Care, Room 1N09, Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UE

Applications must be received by midday on 1 October 2019.

In making an application please note the following:

Supporting letter

The supporting letter is your opportunity to demonstrate how you meet each of the criteria set out in the person specification. It will benefit the Advisory Assessment Panel if you can be clear which evidence you provide relates to which criteria. Providing separate paragraphs in relation to each criterion is common practice. Please write all acronyms in full first.

Please ensure your full name, the role to which you are applying and the corresponding reference number for the post are clearly noted at the top of your letter.

Please limit your letter to two pages, and type or write clearly in black ink.

Conflicts of interest

If you have any business or personal interests that might be relevant to the work of COM, and which could lead to a real or perceived conflict of interest if you were to be appointed, please provide details in your Supporting letter.

If appointed, you will also be required to declare these interests on appointment and they will be entered on a register which is available to the public.

Standards in public life and ensuring public confidence

Given the nature of public appointments, it is important that those appointed as members of public bodies maintain the confidence of the public and Government. If there are any issues in your personal or professional history (including any convictions or bankruptcy) that could, if you were appointed, be misconstrued, cause embarrassment to Ministers or COM or cause public confidence in the appointment to be jeopardised, it is important that you bring them to the attention of the Assessment Panel and provide details of the issue/s in your supporting letter. In considering whether you wish to declare any issues, you should also reflect on any public statements you have made, including through social media and blogs. Due Diligence may be carried out on any publicly available information and shared with the Advisory Assessment Panel.

The panel may explore any issues you declare with you before they make a recommendation on the appointment.

Failure to disclose such information could result in an appointment being terminated, as those who hold public appointments are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of corporate and personal conduct and are required to subscribe to the Code of Conduct for Board Members of Public Bodies, as part of agreeing to the terms and conditions of appointment. You can access this document at:

There are also circumstances in which individuals may not be considered for appointment, due to them not meeting certain eligibility criteria for appointment. For further information, please refer to Section 2.3: Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to discuss any queries on conflicts, please see the contacts section.


Please ensure your CV includes:

Your full name, title, home address, personal contact telephone numbers (land line and mobile), personal email address and details of any Twitter accounts and LinkedIn accounts including your Twitter handle/username.
Similar contact details for two referees who will support your application. One referee should be the person to whom you are/were accountable in your current/most recent appointment or position of employment. Please indicate the relationship of each referee to you. References will be requested for short-listed candidates prior to interview
Brief details of your current or most recent post and the dates you occupied this role. Please identify any past or present Ministerial appointments.

Monitoring form

Please complete the monitoring form. Diversity monitoring information will not be seen by the Advisory Assessment Panel assessing your application.

Political activity information is primarily for monitoring purposes only, however if you are shortlisted for interview, this information will be shared with the selection panel. The reason for this is that it is appreciated that such activities may have given you relevant skills, including experience gained from committee work, collective decision-making, resolving conflict and public speaking. If you have had such experience and you consider it relevant to your application for this post, you should also take the opportunity to include it separately in your supporting statement. If possible, you should not, however, identify the relevant political party in your statement.

If you are appointed to this role, please note that any political activity you declare will be published in accordance with the Governance Code on Public Appointments.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

The Department of Health and Social Care operates a Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS) for disabled people. The Equality Act 2010 defines a person as disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment and the impairment has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day to day activities. Under the GIS a disabled candidate will be selected for interview if they meet the essential criteria for the post.

If you wish to apply under the GIS please complete the GIS form and return it with your application.

All applications will be acknowledged by email after the closing date.


For further information regarding the selection process, please contact

Sally Brough-Hirst

Appointments Team

Tel: 0113 2546138


For further information regarding the role of the COM and the role of a Member please contact:

Ovnair Sepai

Tel: 01235 825163


Please quote reference VAC-1647 on all correspondence.

If you choose to apply, we would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort in making an application

VAC-1647 COM Members Information Pack FINAL
12.1 DHSC_Privacy-notice-v03
DHSC diversity & monitoring form (PA)
OCPA Regulated

This post is regulated by The Commissioner for Public Appointments

Aug 212019

2 Independent Non-Executive Directors - Sussex Cricket Limited (SCL)

Location: Hove
Date Posted: 16/08/2019
Closing Date: 15/09/2019

The SCL Board is seeking to identify and co-opt two independent Non-Executive Directors within the next year (by June 2020). It invites interested parties to attend a Briefing session with the Chair of SCL and the Chief Executive, between 6pm and 8pm on Thursday 19th September or Monday 23rd September 2019 at the 1st Central County Ground, Eaton Road, Hove, BN3 3AN.

Individuals should register their interest with Laura Walford at

The Board of Sussex Cricket Limited is the governing body for cricket within Sussex and derives its authority from the Membership, for whose benefit (and the common good) the Organisation exists.

The role of the Board is:

  • to create, adopt and monitor the strategy to promote cricket in Sussex;
  • to guide, support and monitor the operational management of the Organisation; and,
  • to ensure that all forms of risk are identified and managed effectively.

The Board of Directors meet formally between four and six times per year and the role is unpaid (apart from some expenses).

Sussex Cricket is about ‘inspiring a passion for cricket’. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that Sussex competes each season at as high a level as possible in the professional game and in competitions organised by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). In addition, ‘inspiring a passion for cricket’ includes developing the future professional cricketers of tomorrow, further enhancing Women and Girls’ cricket, organising and supporting the recreational game across Sussex, and promoting cricket in the community as a means for the development of young people and adults, including those with disabilities.

For a full list of the objectives of Sussex Cricket Limited and the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, please see the RULES and REGULATIONS, available on the Sussex Cricket website ( and follow the prompts at ‘Club’, and then ‘Club Governance’).

The Board of Directors of Sussex Cricket Limited (SCL) consists of elected Directors, an Honorary Treasurer, up to three Executive Directors and up to four independent Non Executive Directors co-opted by the Board of Directors (please see the RULES, paragraphs 7.29 to 7.33).

The Roles, Responsibilities and Individual Competencies of Directors of the Board of SCL are detailed in REGULATION 10 under the heading ‘Qualification for Board Director’.

The Board’s aim is to represent the diverse mix of backgrounds and identities present across our Sussex cricket communities.

In seeking to co-opt two independent Non-Executive Directors, the Board would welcome interest from people with a legal background and/or experience/interest in women’s cricket.

The Board is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness and no candidate will be excluded on the grounds of sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity, race, marital status, disability, age, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

The Briefing session will provide an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in becoming an independent Non-Executive Director of SCL to find out more about the role of the Board and to meet and talk with the current Chair and Chief Executive of the SCL. Application forms will be available at this Briefing session. These will then be considered by the SCL Nominations and Elections Committee and recommendations made to the Board of Directors.

If you would like to learn more, please register your interest with Laura Walford at

Aug 202019

Non-Executive Director - Brio Leisure

Business / Organisation Name: Brio Leisure
Business / Organisation Sector: Not-for-Profit
Business / Organisation Website:
Business / Organisation Type: Association
Role Title: Non-Executive Director
Remuneration: Paid

Role Description

Non Executive Director
Job reference: REF-18-GBSV9TL

We’re Brio Leisure – the ambitious and innovative face of community leisure! Our mission is to ensure that everyone in Cheshire West and Chester can live a happier, healthier life with affordable access to great fitness, entertainment facilities alongside health & wellness services.

Exciting opportunities have opened up for three highly talented and strategically minded individuals to join the Brio Board as Non-Executive Directors, to continue to help shape and champion our successful community interest company

We’re interested in people who have experience in the following:

  • Capital investment and project management, as we have an extensive asset portfolio and forthcoming development projects on the horizon;
  • Digital and Business professional expertise, to support ongoing transition through technical innovation, as a leisure industry leader;
  • Legal and/or Commercial experience, providing financial acumen and awareness of market trends, and seeking out business opportunities.

You’ll not only be providing strategic direction and governance, but your passion in all things health & wellbeing will be invaluable in supporting our management team. Ideally you’ll have worked as part of a board or at a senior management level previously.

Our board of directors work in collaboration with a number of key agencies across the borough to further strengthen our reputation as a leading leisure and wellbeing provider. Your drive, ambition and forward thinking will help ensure this continues to be the case.

In return, you’ll become part of a strong board that is committed to making Brio Leisure an exemplar company – blending commercial drive with strong social values. We are a successful organization and have recently won UK Active Organisation of the Year 2019; we are members of the Parliamentary Review panel 2019, and most recently have been listed in the London Stock Exchange 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2019.

This role will be for a period of four years and is subject to annual review. You’ll be expected to commit to providing the equivalent of 2 days per month, which includes attendance at quarterly scheduled board meetings. In return there is remuneration of up to £7000 per annum and reasonable expenses will also be paid. Preference will be given to applicants residing in Cheshire West and Chester, or who have had previous employment in the borough. The posts are as a result of a retiring director and changes to our Articles of Association, and you’ll be required to take up the post in November 2019.

If you’d like to discuss your skills and suitability further, please contact David Woods, Chair Designate or Elly McFahn, Managing Director at and we’ll be able to chat through with you.

Interviews are scheduled to take place in early October 2019. Further information is available on our website.

Closing Date: Sunday 22nd September 2019

Application Details

***To apply for the above post, please submit your CV to ***

IMPORTANT - Invitations to interview are sent to the email address provided on your application form. Please ensure that you check your email account regularly.

Closing Date: 22/09/2019
Contact Telephone: 01244567258
Contact Email:

Aug 202019

Board Member - Walsall Housing Group

Business / Organisation Name: Walsall Housing Group
Business / Organisation Sector: Not-for-Profit
Business / Organisation Website:
Business / Organisation Type: Charity or Not-for-Profit
Role Title: Board Member
Remuneration: Paid

Role Description

As one of the Midlands’ leading landlords, whg helps thousands of people access safe, affordable and energy efficient homes. We are seeking new Board members and Committee members who can provide support and challenge through strategic debate and decision making.

We are recruiting to the whg Group Board and the Board of Anthem Homes, which is our commercial subsidiary responsible for developing homes for Outright Sale. We are also looking for committee members for our Audit and Assurance Committee and our new Development Committee.

Application Details

whg are looking to recruit new board members who share our vision and commitment to improving local communities.

We particularly welcome applications from candidates with experience in property development, finance or treasury management.

However, as a community-focused business we are also keen to recruit members from a wide range of backgrounds, who can add value by their ability to think differently and strategically. As we seek to increase the diversity of our board, we particularly welcome applications from women.

For further information about the role and instructions on how to apply, please download the recruitment pack from our website.

Closing Date: 16/09/2019
Contact Name: Karen Marshall
Contact Telephone: 01922 425705
Contact Email:

Aug 202019

Committee Member - DIT Audit and Risk Assurance

Appointing Department: Department for International Trade
Sector: Business, Finance & Skills
Location: London
Skills required: Audit and Risk, Business / Commercial, IT / Digital
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: £5,000 per annum.
Time Requirements: Approximately 12 days per annum, including at least five Audit and Risk Assurance Committee meetings per annum. Three-year contract.
This is not a ministerial appointment.

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched: 12/08/2019
  • Closed for Applications: 09/09/2019
  • Panel Sift: To be confirmed
  • Final Interview Date: To be confirmed
  • Announcement: To be confirmed

Vacancy Description


The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals, and champions free trade. Our work supports productivity and our economy, providing our businesses with access to new markets, and in turn new processes, technologies and better supplies. This improves people’s living standards as they benefit from greater choice at lower prices. Equally, by driving global prosperity, trade and international investment contribute to global stability and security, as well as increasing the UK’s influence globally.

The role

The Department for International Trade is seeking to recruit one external member to the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

The Audit and Risk Assurance Committee is comprised of three external members and two Non-Executive Board Members, including the Chair of the Committee. It is charged with ensuring that the Departmental Board and Accounting Officer of DIT gain the assurance they need on governance, risk management, the control environment and on the integrity of the financial statements, as well as other elements of the Annual Report and Accounts.

For more information on the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee see:

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee members:

  • attend five Committee meetings per annum, whilst keeping up to date with the Department’s affairs outside the Committee cycle;
  • review the comprehensiveness of assurances on governance, risk management and the control environment in meeting the Board and Accounting Officer’s assurance needs;
  • review the reliability and integrity of these assurances;
  • review the integrity of the financial statements; and
  • offer support and challenge to executives and their offices to continue to improve the performance of the Department.

Person Specification

The successful candidate must have experience and expertise of cyber, IT and digital information management.

The successful candidate should also demonstrate as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • an understanding of trade policy, driving exports and/or foreign direct investment;
  • experience as a Board member or at an equivalent level in an executive or non-executive capacity in either the public, private or voluntary sector;
  • experience of risk, performance and financial management;
  • an awareness and experience of managing change;
  • an understanding of the key challenges faced by the public sector and the ability to bring their experience on these challenges;
  • the ability to contribute and inspire confidence with a wide range of stakeholders both in formal environments (such as Committee meetings) and in less formal environments (such as one-to-one meetings with Executives);
  • sound judgement and a high level of integrity (including when dealing with confidential or sensitive issues) and a commitment to the seven principles of conduct in public life; and
  • a genuine interest in contributing to the effective running of the Department, at the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, elsewhere in the Department and (as appropriate) across Government.

The position need not be filled by someone with auditing and accounting qualifications and experience.

All candidates are expected to adhere to the adhere to the Principles of Public Life and the Code of Conduct for Board members.

The successful candidate will be required to undertake security checks in line with the Civil Service guidelines, which we would envisage to be at SC (Security Check) level.

Due diligence will be carried out at shortlisting stage, which will include requests for references and background checks.

How to Apply

Please send a CV and covering letter to

If you have any questions, please direct them to the DIT Secretariat Team at

DIT is committed to the principle of public appointments on merit with independent assessment, openness and fairness of process and to providing equal opportunities for all. Applications are welcome from all, but we particularly encourage applications from women, people from an ethnic minority, people with disabilities and other underrepresented groups. Both UK nationals and international candidates are encouraged to apply.

This post is NOT regulated by The Commissioner for Public Appointments.

Aug 202019

Trustee - Into The Light Counselling and Support for Survivors CIC

Organisation: Into The Light Counselling and Support for Survivors CIC
Vacancy Type: Trustee
Deadline: 31st December 2019
Region: London

Vacancy Details

Volunteer Director/Trustee with Energy and Ideas Wanted!

Do you have the passion and commitment to be part of the Into The Light Counselling and Support for Survivors Community Interest Company working to improve the health and well being of Survivors of sexual abuse?

We are looking for a new Director to join our effective and friendly board of Directors to build on the success we have had over the last twenty years and steer the project forward.

We are particularly seeking Directors with expertise in one or more of the following:

  • Fundraising Experience
  • Business Background
  • Counselling Profession

You will need to be able to attend Directors meetings three times a year, and any other sub-committee meetings and contribute to the work of the project. Directors roles are voluntary.

We can pay travel expenses.

To find out more please email us at and we will send you an information pack with all the details.

Advert Start Date: 15th August 2019
Contact Telephone Number: N/A
Contact Name: Rebecca
Contact E-mail:

Aug 202019

Non-Executive Director - Multinational wholesale and retail group

Recruiter: Simpson Judge
Published: 13th August 2019
Location: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Category: Executive Appointments
Job Type: Permanent
Salary{ £12000 per annum


The Company

A multinational wholesale and retail group with multiple sites in the UK and Asia. The current CEO is looking to add and additional board member with a focus on accountancy, banking, audit and remuneration within the group.

The Role

Working with the existing board of the CEO, Finance Director and 2 NEDs this role will require 12 days on site per year (6 Board meetings and 6 days working directly with the CEO and Finance Director) as well as Ad Hoc contact and advice via phone and email.

About You

Due to the focus of the role, this would suit a current, previous or retired Audit Partner from a Big 4 of Top 10 accountancy firm. Previous exposure to auditing multinational businesses would be a distinct advantage as would a strong network within banking, legal and other associated business services. Specific exposure to the retail/wholesale sector is not a prerequisite.

non-executive director

Aug 192019

Chair - OpenEdge-Transforming Conflict

Organisation: OpenEdge Transforming Conflict
Reference: OE01
Vacancy Type: Chair
Deadline: 16th September 2019
Region: Nation Wide

Vacancy Details

Interim Chair of Trustees needed for OpenEdge-Transforming Conflict

Who are we?

OpenEdge-Transforming Conflict came together because we wanted to share a different approach to conflict, peace, identity politics, justice and development, where relationship is key to transforming violent systems and beliefs. With many years experience in UK and international conflict work, we found ourselves increasingly bound by the restrictions of traditional approaches.

Our work is underpinned by concepts such as decade-thinking rather than project funding-thinking, built in obsolescence of outside technical expertise, interdependent needs, multiple social truths, empathy and resonance; concepts that don't always fit a traditional log-frame!

We are a small but unique team with broad experience and expertise, working in diverse contexts in the UK and internationally. We concern ourselves with hid- den, unconscious and normalised violences and challenges within human thinking, systems and structures, and personal behaviours. By working with day-to-day lived experiences, we identify the un-asked questions and seek out the un-ad- dressed blockages, to get to the roots. We reunify individual and systemic experiences to bring both personal and structural transformation. We are passionate about and good at what we do! ...AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Check us out individually and collectively here! Our charitable objects and constitution

What's the ask?

OpenEdge is looking for an enthusiastic individual who would value being in the role of Interim Chair of Trustees with a developing small charity. This opportunity would suit anyone who has experience of being a trustee and is looking to build your skills, practice and portfolio. We are small and only work part time hours a week, so this is a gentle yet exciting challenge to develop yourself and expand your edges, as you support us to do the same.


The purpose of our Interim Chair is to help OpenEdge prepare for development of our activities and projects.


The role of interim Chair requires you to create and undertake tasks in the following areas connection, review, development ...lite (because we are so small)!

In collaboration with all the OpenEdge community, we invite you to...

  1. Build Connection:
    Listen, learn and get to know us. Get to know our talents and experience, individually and collectively
    Get excited by our work and understand what we do and why we want to do it. Understand our purpose, and what we want to develop in the next 5 years
  2. Review our activities and organisation:
    Help us identify and understand where our work and organisation is weak in supporting our organisational purpose
    Energise, motivate and facilitate us to create a clear, collective strate- gy to attend to the gaps, and build on the strengths, to better achieve our purpose
  3. Develop all areas of the organisation:
    Help us consolidate our collective ideas for development of activities and projects, and along with the organisational, governance and income generation elements, capture this in an organisational strategy
    Create an action plan with us, to bring our development strategy into be- ing...


While meeting Charities Commission requirements and best practices, and fully connected to the vision and strategy for developing activities and projects to achieve our purpose, bring 'power-with' thinking, systems and structures to our work and our organisation. Be creative and collaborative to help us develop sustainable and resilient

  • fundraising and income generation
  • financial systems and controls
  • feedback and accountability systems
  • external publicity and communication
  • research, professional and project development
  • networks with possible partners and funders
  • organisational roles, relationships, tasks, meetings, and decision making
  • record keeping, policies, information flow
  • ..anything more that is identified...

Application process

We invite you to apply if you can demonstrate the following:

  • embody a collaborative, 'power-with' approach to working in organisations
  • have experience of managing and developing organisations towards being more sustainable and resilient (either within an organisation or as a trustee)
  • have a depth of awareness and understanding of life experiences beyond mainstream Western or Global North centric life experiences
  • have experience of being a trustee for a UK based charity, with knowledge of the purpose and functioning of a board of governance, and readiness to develop this as you develop the board and the organisation
  • are ready to match your needs, skills and contributions, with our needs, expertise and purpose
  • you have a current enhanced DBS certificate, or are in the process of current enhanced disclosure application
  • can provide a relevant professional reference
  • can commit to 6 months with us.

Giving examples of the above, please send us a one or two page document, telling us

  • about yourself, your personal and professional passions and experiences
  • why you would like the role of Chair of Trustees with OpenEdge
  • what you will bring
  • what you will need
  • what you will learn
  • anything else you would like to share

Please send this, along with your CV, to If you have any questions, please contact us at the same email address.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Closing date for applications: 5pm, Monday 16th September 2019.
  • By 20th September we will let you know if we would like to invite you to an online conversation with us, to discuss more and see how we can work together.
  • On 25th September, we will meet 3 final candidates to discuss more and see how we can work together.
  • By Tuesday 1st October 2019 we will formally let you know if you have been selected, with feedback about our decision.
  • Appointment of Interim Chair will take place in an online meeting of the board, on Thursday 10th October 2019, 11am-1pm.

Advert Start Date: 17th August 2019
Contact Telephone Number: 07475714188
Contact Name: Sarri Bater
Contact E-mail: