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My NEDworks network


The NEDworks network for Non-Executive Directors and Trustees

NEDworks the network for Non-Executive DirectorsNEDworks is the network for Non-Executive Directors and Chairs of Private, Public and Voluntary sector Boards including NHS Trusts, Social Enterprises, School and College Governors, and Charity Trustees

Whether you are a Free, Tier1 or Corporate member of NEDworks, My NEDworks is your gateway to the exclusive NEDworks network area where you can update your profile, upload your CV, interact with other Non-Executive Directors or Trustees, search for vacancies or potential candidates and access information about how to become a Non-Executive Director, Corporate Governance and Board Evaluation.

Once you have successfully logged in to the NEDworks network you will be able to access the following features:

  • My Profile
    • View or Edit your network profile
  • My Documents
    • View, Edit or Delete your uploaded documents
  • Members
    • View or search the list of network members
  • Activity
    • View network member activity
  • Groups
    • View network groups
  • Forums
    • View network forums, topics, replies and your current forum subscriptions
  • Friends
    • View your network friends
  • Messages
    • View your inbox, sent messages
    • Create and send messages to other network members
  • Notifications
    • View all network notifications
  • Resources
    • Access exclusive member-only articles, videos and downloads

You can also join the NEDworks network group on LinkedIn - click here for more information

My NEDworks
Article Name
My NEDworks
The NEDworks network for Non-Executive Directors and Trustees