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    Finance Director and NED with experience in engineering/large project business
    - Financial management - Governance & risk management - Operations - Engineering projects - Market, customer, product strategy - Bid and Project management - Customer and supplier negotiations - Building effective international teams and managing cross-cultural businesses

    Looking for a NED role
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    Graduate at Shell
    Business Analyst and Software Developer Shell Trading and Shipping Co (STASCO) July 2013 – July 2014 (1 year 1 month)London Working within Shell has exposed me to many complex areas of IT within the trading environment. I helped the business deliver what it required and streamlined the IT workflow through analysis, design and development. My role was split with time spent both within the Software Delivery Vertical maintaining the portfolio of trading and shipping applications and working on larger projects to enhance these and within IMIT in various facilities. I worked to provide KPIs for IT business case justification, supplied competitive intelligence for IT for both a weekly newsletter and select assignments for high profile internal business clients and managed the testing plan and initial role out of Office 2010 to a large part of the trading organisation. I was a key resource in the rebranding efforts within the IT delivery vertical as we incorporated supply into trading, helping manage the future vision, SharePoint integration and branding initiative. Working closely with my manager we attained the sign off and wrote the job specification for a higher-level developer in trading, which set a precedent. The markets offered constant challenges as we worked to adapt to the changing laws, which made the work to maintain compliance varying and challenging. During my time in development I worked on several license to operate development pieces and was given the responsibility of doing the analysis and development for the automation of shipping’s finance accruals with relevant SAP integration. Skills Developed • Analysing data and information to present an informed and detailed business case. • Communicating with and presenting to high profile business contacts. • Delivering and testing of license to operate regulatory enhancements. • Interpreting business requirements and turning them into IT related requirements and procedures. • Developing complex enhancements or fixes to software and providing optimal solutions. • COBOL and SAP application interface development.

    Looking for a NED role
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